Americans Get the Best Fantasy Democracy and Propaganda That Money Can Buy (The Times and other MSM support US/NATO aggression and illegal sanctions against Russia and other invented enemies.)

Ignorance about vital issues self-inflicts harm. It’s not sublime. 

It’s a nationwide disease throughout the US — a nation with the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Evidence proves it, including from results of a Reagan National Defense survey.

Conducted from Nov. 9 – 17, its results were published on Dec. 1.

Ignorant about reality on all things Russia and Ukraine, 82% of respondents consider the Russian Federation an enemy (sic), 76% calling Nazi-infested Ukraine an ally (sic), a friendly democracy (sic).

A majority of respondents (57%) support continued military and financial aid to the US-installed, Nazi-infested puppet Zelensky regime.

They falsely consider Russia’s liberating SMO in self-defense to be aggression (sic) — how US-controlled NATO regimes and Ukrainian Nazis operate, not the Russian Federation.

A majority (60%) support NATO — a US-established killing machine for perpetual wars on invented enemies.

A majority (75%) consider nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China an enemy (sic).

Survey results and similar ones show a largely out-of-touch-with reality US public.

It’s from daily brainwashing by the empire of lies and its MSM press agents.

Ukraine is a Nazi-infested police state, a one-party state, opposition ones shut down.

Media are state-controlled.

Independent alternatives are banned.

So are truth and full disclosure.

Publicly diverging from the fabricated official narrative was criminalized.

Yet most Americans are mind-manipulated to believe good guys are bad and bad guys are good.

They believe that kill shots designed to destroy health protect and preserve it.

They don’t understand that the worst of things going on were planned long in advance before their rollout. 

Dominant US/Western dark forces, in cahoots with their MSM press agents, lied and mass-deceived about all things Russia and Ukraine, kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

They lied about global warming causing a climate emergency.

Nothing of the sort exists.

Nor a pandemic, just an invented one to fear-monger maximum numbers of the unwitting to self-inflict harm.

They lied about every war in modern memory.

All wars are based on bald-faced Big Lies.

Truth and full disclosure would prevent them.

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, freedoms are disappearing in plain sight, state-sponsored tyranny replacing them.

Most people are mind-manipulated to accept what demands exposure, condemnation and rejection.

MSM regurgitate the fabricated official narrative.

Their daily editions prohibit truth and full disclosure on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, continues to pretend that battered and beaten Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts are prevailing over vastly superior Russian firepower.

And like other MSM, the Times repeatedly blames Russia for Ukraine’s war crimes.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Ignoring heavy losses of manpower, arms and munitions when attempting to advance, forcing regime troops to retreat, the Times pretended that they “escalated a counteroffensive in” Donbass (sic).

Nothing of the sort exists.

Nor do “plunging temperatures (and) frozen” terrain aid regime troops, what benefits Russian forces, not the enemy.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin said the following by video address to SCO and SIC defense chiefs:

“Over the course of many years, the West has been unceremoniously exploiting and draining (Ukrainian) resources.”

Their ruling regimes “supported genocide and terror in Donbass, while turning (Ukraine) into a colony and shamelessly using (its) people as cannon fodder and a battering ram against Russia by supplying (Kiev) with weapons and ammo, sending mercenaries there and pushing it towards a suicidal path.”

What’s gone on in Ukraine for nearly 9 years and what preceded the early 2014 coup has been more evidence of the US drive for hegemony by brute force, no matter the human toll.

Russia should have intervened earlier to defend its security against the made-in-the-USA scourge along its border.

The Times and other MSM support US/NATO aggression and illegal sanctions against Russia and other invented enemies.

They support virtually everything beneficial to US/Western special interests ay the expense of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

Separately in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on a state visit, China’s Xi Jinping and king Salman agreed to a comprehensive strategic partnership and harmonization of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative with with the kingdom’s Saudi Vision 2030 program.

Memorandums of understanding were signed on hydrogen energy, facilitating investments, judicial and other areas.

King Saud University awarded Xi an honorary doctorate.

Xi also scheduled talks with leaders of other regional nations.

Chinese and Saudi companies signed 34 investment agreements in areas of green energy, transportation, logistics, medical industries and construction.

Deepening Sino/Arab state ties comes at the expense diminishing US regional control.

In stark contrast to China’s peace, stability and development priorities, the empire of lies and its Western vassals seek unchallenged dominance by brute force.

According to head of the Saudi-based Gulf Research Center, Abdulaziz O. Sager:

Sino/Saudi ties can be expanded to other regional nations — based on furthering mutual interests and non-intervention.

Riyadh “will not interfere in issues between the US and China,” Sager explained, adding:

In relations with China, “(w)e will not” operate like the US.

Riyadh’s “relationship with China is extremely important, and extremely valuable.”

Regional nations are increasingly breaking free from US/Western control.

Saudi Arabia is hosting the first Sino/Arab summit that’s taking place on Friday.

According to analysts Carlotta Rinaudo and Zeno Leoni on what’s being discussed during Xi’s visit:

“Goals of China and Gulf (states) are aligned in many domains.”

Xi’s visit will “likely produce new synergies.”

“It comes at a time of deteriorating relations” between Riyadh and the empire of lies.

Friday’s regional summit sends it a message.

“Saudi Arabia clearly intends to take a more autonomous path in its decision-making.”

Gulf states seek to benefit from Beijing’s increased engagement in the region.

Gulf states know, or should know, that when hegemon USA mentions security, it’s at their expense.

China prioritizes mutual cooperation and development, a welcome difference from how the empire of lies operates worldwide.

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Perpetual War on Russia and the Bout – Griner Exchange (Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for years of war in central Europe since 2014.)

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for years of war in central Europe since 2014.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained the following:

The empire of lies intends “to fuel hostilities in Ukraine at least till the end of 2025.”

“That’s what their plans are, judging by documents, which they don’t hide from anybody.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and the White House imposter promised to support Ukrainian Nazis for “as long as it takes.”

“There is a lot of money to be embezzled” and laundered by pouring it down a black hole in Ukraine, what Zakharova called “a corruption marathon” — from the empire of lies to its merchants of death and Kiev Nazis to stash in offshore tax havens and luxury Western real estate.

Even when the regime’s military collapses from attrition, exhaustion and growing desertions, hegemon USA will continue waging war on Russia by whatever means it can devise — with full support from its MSM press agents.

On Thursday, Vice President of Russia’s International Human Rights Defense Committee, Ivan Melnikov explained the following:

Political prisoner since the Bush/Cheney regime illegally ordered his March 2008 arrest in Thailand on bogus charges, then extradited to the empire of lies and falsely indicted on charges with no legitimacy, Russian national Viktor Bout was exchanged for US basketball star Brittney Griner.

She was arrested last Feb. 17 after arriving at Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport in possession of cannabis oil, an illegal narcotic.

According to Russia’s criminal code, possession of illegal substances is punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years.

Moscow Region’s Khimki City Court  found her guilty of drug smuggling, saying:

“The court hereby finds the defendant guilty under Article 228.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation or possession of narcotic drugs without intent to sell) and Article 229.1.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (significant drug smuggling).”

Sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, she’s now free.

Griner and Bout were pardoned before release.

According to Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, around 100 Russian nationals are illegally imprisoned for political reasons by the empire of lies, their rights under international and US law “systematically violated.”

Unjustifiably called a “merchant of death,” Bout ran a legitimate air cargo business.

Like other Russians in US captivity, Bout was targeted for being a national of the “wrong” country at the wrong time.

Wrongfully imprisoned for activist opposition to hegemon USA’s war on humanity, the late Marylyn Buck once said the following:

US gulag “prisons (are) warehouses to “disappear the unacceptable…deprive their captives of their liberties, their human agency, and to punish (and) stigmatize prisoners through moralistic denunciations and indictment based on bad genes – skin color (ethnicity, or other characteristics) as a crime.”

Thousands of US prisoners aren’t behind bars “because they are ‘criminals,’ but because they’ve been accused of breaking (a law) designed to exert tighter social control and state repression.”

So they’ve been scapegoated and criminalized for their legitimate beliefs and activism.

In US gulag confinement, they’re egregiously mistreated for supporting peace, equity and justice according to international law.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier said the following:

“American special services are continuing their de facto hunt for Russians all over the world.”

“Sometimes these were actual abductions of our compatriots.”

The late Ramsey Clark explained that the US gulag prison system — the world’s largest by far — is “filled with saints.”

Innocent victims, largely Blacks and Latinos, languish on death row.

Countless tens of thousands are behind bars for political issues or ones warranting no more than a hand-slap or small fine. 

US authorities repeatedly violate 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Some of America’s best are ruthlessly persecuted and abused for political reasons.

The empire of lies operates illegally at home and worldwide.

Bout was falsely accused of smuggling weapons to a terrorist organization.

His legitimate air cargo business operated legally.

Yet he was extradited to the US, tried on bogus charges, convicted unjustly, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, treated harshly behind bars and fined $15 million — based on Big Lies.

Exchanging him for Griner took place in the UAE at Abu Dhabi’s airport.

Free at last after 11 years of hard time, he returned home to his family and for medical evaluation and treatment as needed.

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Confronting the Great Betrayal- All things related to the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams were planned long before it was rolled out in the US/West at end of 2019.

All things related to the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams were planned long before it was rolled out in the US/West at end of 2019.

Growing numbers of people understand what it’s all about.

On the phony pretext of protecting and preserving public health, the empire of lies, its Western vassals, Pharma profiteers, Wall Street, the WHO, WEF, genocidist Bill Gates, other anti-public health billionaires, complicit MSM, gatekeeper Goggle and the medical industrial complex wholeheartedly back what demands exposure and opposition.

US colleges and universities used to focus on teaching, learning and preparing youths for the benefits of higher education.

Today they’re in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Code, the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and US Constitution.

What’s part of international law is automatically US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

The Nuremberg Code mandates voluntary consent on what relates to health, as well as only permitting beneficial procedures that yield positive results.

Physical and mental suffering is prohibited, as well as whatever risks death or disability.

By mandating kill shots for students and staff, US institutions of higher education foster medical tyranny over standing tall against what no one should tolerate anywhere.

A few short years ago, who could have imagined that attending college in the US would be hazardous to health and well-being.

According to, over 1,000 US institutions of higher education mandate health-destroying jabs.

Most schools mandate one or more  boosters.

Refusnik students and staff are barred from campus.

US higher education today is not only extraordinarily expensive — at a time when career opportunities are a shadow of what they were long ago — the cost includes self-inflicting harm from health-destroying kill shots.

In her book, titled “End to America,” Naomi Wolf explained the threat of growing tyranny in the self-styled land of the free and home of the brave (sic).

The worst of times took a giant leap forward after kill shots, masking and all else flu/covid were rolled out with intent to destroy public health while pretending otherwise.

Last week on Yale University’s campus, Wolf — class of 1984 — led a protest against mandated kill shots.

Reporting on her remarks, the Yale Daily News said she “spoke at length about adverse health effects” from mass-jabbing — including “infertility and menstrual irregularities.”

To its discredit, the school newspaper quoted fake news by Pharma-linked head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Dr. Hugh Taylor, class of 1983, falsely saying:

“There’s no risk to fertility or to a pregnancy” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

According to the latest US VAERS data — representing a minute fraction of adverse events from kill shots — over 60,000 children were irreversibly harmed since mass-jabbing began.

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Every jabbed child, adolescent, youth and adult was harmed.

Over a million Americans died, the vast majority from kill shots, not flu-renamed covid.

And there’s been a 5,000% increase in fetal deaths since 2020, along with an explosion of heart disease, cancer and other major diseases — including among young kids.

“My heart is breaking, and I’m on the verge of tears,” Wolf stressed in her Yale campus remarks for medical freedom.

Mandated jabs include the bivalent booster.

Rushed to market, untested on humans — only on 8 mice — doesn’t matter.

It’s required for students — prior to the spring 2023 semester.

Refusniks will be barred from campus — unable to attend classes, unable to complete their higher education.

While at this time faculty are exempt, perhaps that’ll change ahead.

Denouncing what’s going on, Wolf said that “(a)fter 35 years of advocacy for women’s health and human rights and civil liberties, I’m standing here to say Yale University should not mandate” kill shots for its students, adding:

“I can’t believe I have to say this. But here we are.”

As a Yale student, Wolf learned about the Nuremberg Code, Geneva Conventions and Hippocratic Oath.

Yet there she was on campus, having to say:

“Don’t coerce minors and young adults into damaging their lives and submitting to an illegal injection that violates the Geneva Conventions, that violates the Nuremberg Code, that violates the Hippocratic oath, that violates basic human rights — so these kids can pick up their education.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Coercion is not consent,” one student said.

“Exactly right,” Wolf responded.

Yale’s mandate “is a serious crime” against humanity.

“It is deeply illegal.”

It’s a Title IX breach.

It “commits the university to not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in getting an equal education.”

“I am telling Yale — I oversee a project in which 3,500 experts review Pfizer documents released under court order by a lawsuit.”

“In that document, there is catastrophic harm to women!”

“And especially to young women!”

“And especially to their reproductive health.”

The “Pfizer documents (include) 20 different names for f..king up your menstrual cycle. I am not kidding.”

“And pardon my language, but I am angry.”

“You can bleed all month!”

“You can bleed twice a month.”

“You can bleed in such a way that you’re hemorrhaging!”

“You can bleed so that you’ve got agonizing cramps.”

“And 72% of those with adverse events in the Pfizer documents are women!”

“How (can) these young women pursue their education equally if they’re suffering?”

“How will they be athletes?”

“How will they pursue their athletic scholarships if they’re injured in that way?”

Toxic jabs risk rendering them infertile.

They kill or irreversibly harm fetuses — what they’re designed to do.

Evidence from Pfizer’s documents revealed what’s going on.

It’s not speculation.

It’s indisputably factual.

By mandating what irreversibly harms health, “Yale (has) blood on its hands.”

The same reality applies to over 1,000 other US institutions of higher education — ones harming their students and staff in similar fashion to what’s going on at Yale.

The mother of all health-destroying scams can be beaten if enough people refuse to go along — if they say enough is enough, if they just say “NO.”

A Final Comment

According to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban:

“Why not put together a Twitter list of…licensed, practicing (physicians) and (let) them vote on” mass-jabbing, masks and other health related issues.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) for medicine as it should be practiced over politicized science are in the vanguard against state-sponsored genocide on an unparalleled scale that’s heading toward full-blown tyranny.

The group’s head, Simone Gold, MD, JD responded to Cuban’s suggestion by letter, saying the following:

“If you would like to put together a group of honest, brilliant, courageous doctors to ‘fact check,’ then I would be glad to assist you.”

“I am the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, and I became known to the world on July 27, 2020, when I brought doctors and social media influencers to the steps of the Supreme Court.”

“My intent was to bypass the media and government which had been lying to the world in a very organized and systemic fashion.” 

“We had 20 million views in 8 hours.

“Then I was deplatformed everywhere at once.”

“Medicine will not advance unless unbiased scientists are able to resist the pressure of special interest groups and the media.”

“I work with freedom physicians across the nation and world, and we are now over one million subscribers.”

“I am both an emergency physician and Stanford University educated attorney.”

“My nonprofit is the ‘Free Speech Foundation’ because, like you, I have long known that the battlefield is speech.”

Twitter head, Elon Musk, reportedly is considering whether to assemble a team of medical experts to fact-check officially-promoted flu/covid policy.

Days earlier, called his risk of being assassinated “quit significant.”

If he agrees to have unbiased medical and scientific experts use Twitter as a truth-telling platform on kill shots and all else flu/covid, he’ll indeed be at high risk of assassination.

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Wiping Out Our Technology Base- What Happens If An Event Such As A Solar Flare, EMP, Or A Plague Takes Our Society Farther Back Than The Early 1900s

It’s one or two years after an EMP attack and you are safely tucked away in your retreat somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Your storage foods have mostly been used and your high tech electronics is useless. The really bad stuff is mostly past. Now it’s try to stay fed and alive and pray that civilization as you know it is coming back. You’re going to have to work your environment to live. Ever wonder what life might be like? What would it really be like to have no running water, electricity, sewer, newspaper or Internet? No supermarket or fire department close at hand?

I have a good imagination but I decided to talk to someone who would know first hand what it was like: my mother. She grew up on a homestead in the middle of Montana during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a two room Cottonwood cabin with the nearest neighbor three miles away. She was oldest at 9, so she was in charge of her brother and sister. This was her reality; I feel there are lessons here for the rest of us.

There was a Majestic stove that used wood and coal. The first person up at four thirty A.M., usually her father, would start the fire for breakfast. It was a comforting start to the day but your feet would get cold when you got out of bed.

A crosscut saw and axe was used to cut wood for the stove and after that experience, you got pretty stingy with the firewood because you know what it takes to replace it. The old timers say that it warms you when you cut it, when you split it, and again when you burn it. The homes that were typical on homesteads and ranches of the era were smaller with lower ceilings than modern houses just so they could be heated easier. The saw and axe were not tools to try hurrying with. You set a steady pace and maintained it. A man in a hurry with an axe may loose some toes or worse. One side effect of the saw and axe use is that you are continuously hungry and will consume a huge amount of food. Lights in the cabin were old fashioned kerosene lamps. It was the kid’s job to trim the wicks, clean the chimneys and refill the reservoirs.

The privy was downhill from the house next to the corral and there was no toilet paper. Old newspaper, catalogs or magazines were used and in the summer a pan of barely warm water was there for hygiene. During a dark night, blizzard, or brown out from a dust storm, you followed the corral poles-no flashlights.

There were two springs close to the house that ran clear, clean, and cold water. The one right next to it was a “soft” water spring. It was great for washing clothes and felt smooth, almost slick, on your skin. If you drank from it, it would clean you out just as effectively as it cleaned clothes. Not all clean water is equal.

The second spring was a half mile from the cabin and it was cold, clear, and tasted wonderful. The spring itself was deep – an eight foot corral pole never hit bottom- and flowed through the year. It was from here that the kids would fill two barrels on a heavy duty sled with water for the house and the animals. They would lead the old white horse that was hitched to the sledge back to the buildings and distribute the water for people and animals. In the summer, they made two trips in the morning and maybe a third in the evening. In the winter, one trip in the morning and one in the evening. They did this alone.

Breakfast was a big meal because they’re going to be working hard. Usually there would be homemade sausage, eggs and either cornmeal mush or oatmeal. More food was prepared than what was going to be eaten right then. The extra food was left on the table under a dish towel and eaten as wanted during the day. When evening meal was cooked, any leftovers were reheated. The oatmeal or the mush was sliced and fried for supper. It was served with butter, syrup, honey or molasses.

The homemade sausage was from a quarter or half a hog. The grinder was a small kitchen grinder that clamped on the edge of a table and everybody took turns cranking. When all the hog had been ground, the sausage mix was added and kneaded in by hand. Then it was immediately fried into patties. The patties were placed, layer by layer, into a stone crock and covered with the rendered sausage grease. The patties were reheated as needed. The grease was used for gravies as well as re-cooking the patties. Occasionally a fresh slice of bread would be slathered with a layer of sausage grease and a large slice of fresh onion would top it off for quick sandwich. Nothing was wasted.

Some of their protein came from dried fish or beef. Usually this had to be soaked to remove the excess salt or lye. Then it was boiled. Leftovers would go into hash, fish patties, or potato cakes.

The kitchen garden ran mostly to root crops. Onion, turnip, rutabaga, potato and radishes grew under chicken wire. Rhubarb was canned for use as a winter tonic to stave off scurvy. Lettuce, corn, and other above ground crops suffered from deer, rats, and gumbo clay soil. Surprisingly, cabbage did well. The winter squash didn’t do much, only 2 or 3 gourds. Grasshoppers were controlled by the chickens and turkeys. There was endless hoeing.

Washing clothes required heating water on the stove, pouring it into three galvanized wash tubs-one for the homemade lye soap and scrub board, the other two for rinsing. Clothes were rinsed and wrung out by hand, then hung on a wire to dry in the air. Your hands became red and raw, your arms and shoulders sore beyond belief by the end of the wash. Wet clothing, especially wool, is heavy and the gray scum from the soap was hard to get out of the clothes.

Personal baths were in a galvanized wash tub screened by a sheet. In the winter it was difficult to haul, heat and handle the water so baths weren’t done often. Most people would do sponge baths.Everybody worked including the kids. There were always more chores to be done than time in the day. It wasn’t just this one family; it was the neighbors as well. You were judged first and foremost by your work ethic and then your honesty. This was critical because if you were found wanting in either department, the extra jobs that might pay cash money, a quarter of beef, hog or mutton would not be available. Further, the cooperation with your neighbors was the only assurance that if you needed help, you would get help. Nobody in the community could get by strictly on their own. A few tried. When they left, nobody missed them. You didn’t have to like someone to cooperate and work with him or her.

Several times a year people would get together for organized activities: barn raising, butcher bee, harvest, roofing, dance, or picnics. There were lots of picnics, usually in a creek bottom with cottonwoods for shade or sometimes at the church. Always, the women would have tables groaning with food, full coffee pots and, if they were lucky, maybe some lemonade. (Lemons were expensive and scarce) After the work (even for picnics, there was usually a project to be done first) came the socializing. Many times people would bring bedding and sleep out overnight, returning home the next day.

A half dozen families would get together for a butcher bee in the cold days of late fall. Cows were slaughtered first, then pigs, mutton, and finally chickens. Blood from some of the animals was collected in milk pails, kept warm on a stove to halt coagulation and salt added. Then it was canned for later use in blood dumplings, sausage or pudding. The hides were salted for later tanning; the feathers from the fowl were held for cleaning and used in pillows or mattresses. The skinned quarters of the animals would be dipped into cold salt brine and hung to finish cooling out so they could be taken home safely for processing. Nothing went to waste.

The most feared occurrence in the area was fire. If it got started, it wasn’t going out until it burned itself out. People could and did loose everything.
The most used weapon was the .22 single shot Winchester with .22 shorts. It was used to take the heads off pheasant, quail, rabbit and ducks. If you held low, the low powered round didn’t tear up the meat. The shooters, usually the kids, quickly learned sight picture and trigger control although they never heard those terms. If you took five rounds of ammunition, you better bring back the ammunition or a critter for the pot for each round expended. It was also a lot quieter and less expensive [in those days] than the .22 Long Rifle cartridges.

If you are trying to maintain a low profile, the odor of freshly baked bread can be detected in excess of three miles on a calm day. Especially by kids.

Twice a year the cabin was emptied of everything. The walls, floors, and ceilings were scrubbed with lye soap and a bristle brush. All the belongings were also cleaned before they came back into the house. This was pest control and it was needed until DDT became available. Bedbugs, lice, ticks and other creepy crawlies were a fact of life and were controlled by brute force. Failure to do so left you in misery and maybe ill.

Foods were stored in bug proof containers. The most popular was fifteen pound metal coffee cans with tight lids. These were for day to day use in the kitchen. (I still have one. It’s a family heirloom.) The next were barrels to hold the bulk foods like flour, sugar, corn meal, and rice. Everything was sealed or the vermin would get to it. There was always at least one, preferably two, months of food on hand. If the fall cash allowed, they would stock up for the entire winter before the first snowfall.

The closest thing to a cooler was a metal box in the kitchen floor. It had a very tight lid and was used to store milk, eggs and butter for a day or two. Butter was heavily salted on the outside to keep it from going rancid or melting. Buttermilk, cottage cheese and regular cheese was made from raw milk after collecting for a day or two. The box was relatively cool in the summer and did not freeze in the winter.

Mice and rats love humanity because we keep our environment warm and tend to be sloppy with food they like. Snakes love rats and mice so they were always around. If the kids were going to play outside, they would police the area with a hoe and a shovel. After killing and disposing of the rattlesnakes- there was always at least one-then they could play for a while in reasonable safety.

The mice and rats were controlled by traps, rocks from sling shots, cats and coyotes. The cats had a hard and usually short life because of the coyotes. The coyotes were barely controlled and seemed to be able to smell firearms at a distance. There were people who hunted the never-ending numbers for the bounty.

After chores were done, kid’s active imagination was used in their play. They didn’t have a lot of toys. There were a couple of dolls for the girls, a pocket knife and some marbles for the boy, and a whole lot of empty to fill. Their father’s beef calves were pretty gentle by the time they were sold at market – the kids rode them regularly. (Not a much fat on those calves but a lot of muscle.) They would look for arrow heads, lizards, and wild flowers. Chokecherry, buffalo berry, gooseberry and currants were picked for jelly and syrups. Sometimes the kids made chokecherry wine.

On a hot summer day in the afternoon, the shade on the east side of the house was treasured and the east wind, if it came, even more so. Adults hated hailstorms because of the destruction, kids loved them because they could collect the hail and make ice cream.

Childbirth was usually handled at a neighbor’s house with a midwife if you were lucky. If you got sick you were treated with ginger tea, honey, chicken soup or sulphur and molasses. Castor oil was used regularly as well. Wounds were cleaned with soap and disinfected with whisky. Mustard based poultices were often used for a variety of ills. Turpentine, mustard and lard was one that was applied to the chest for pneumonia or a hacking cough.

Contact with the outside world was an occasional trip to town for supplies using a wagon and team. A battery operated radio was used very sparingly in the evenings. A rechargeable car battery was used for power. School was a six mile walk one way and you brought your own lunch. One school teacher regularly put potatoes on the stove to bake and shared them with the kids. She was very well thought of by the kids and the parents.

These people were used to a limited amount of social interaction. They were used to no television, radio, or outside entertainment. They were used to having only three or four books. A fiddler or guitar player for a picnic or a dance was a wonderful thing to be enjoyed. Church was a social occasion as well as religious. 
The church ladies and their butter and egg money allowed most rural churches to be built and to prosper.

The men were required to do the heavy work but the ladies made it come together. The civilizing of the west sprang from these roots. Some of those ladies had spines of steel. They needed it. That’s a partial story of the homestead years. People were very independent, stubborn and strong but still needed the community and access to the technology of the outside world for salt, sugar, flour, spices, chicken feed, cloth, kerosene for the lights and of course, coffee. There are many more things I could list. Could they have found an alternative if something was unavailable? Maybe. How would you get salt or nitrates in Montana without importing? Does anyone know how to make kerosene? Coffee would be valued like gold. Roasted grain or chicory just didn’t cut it.

I don’t want to discourage people trying to prepare but rather to point out that generalized and practical knowledge along with a cooperative community is still needed for long term survival. Whatever shortcomings you may have, if you are part of a community, it is much more likely to be covered. The described community in this article was at least twenty to thirty miles across and included many farms and ranches as well as the town. Who your neighbors are, what type of people they are, and your relationship to them is one of the more important things to consider.

Were there fights, disagreements and other unpleasantness? Absolutely. Some of it was handled by neighbors, a minister or the sheriff. Some bad feelings lasted a lifetime. There were some people that were really bad by any standard and they were either the sheriff’s problem or they got sorted out by one of their prospective victims. 
These homesteaders had a rough life but they felt they had a great life and their way of life was shared by everyone they knew. They never went hungry, had great daylong picnics with the neighbors, and knew everyone personally within twenty miles. Every bit of pleasure or joy was treasured like a jewel since it was usually found in a sea of hard work. They worked hard, played hard and loved well. In our cushy life, we have many more “things” and “conveniences” than they ever did, but we lack the connection they had with their environment and community.

The biggest concern for our future: What happens if an event such as a solar flare, EMP, or a plague takes our society farther back than the early 1900s by wiping out our technology base. Consider the relatively bucolic scene just described and then add in some true post-apocalyptic hard cases. Some of the science fiction stories suddenly get much more realistic and scary. A comment out of a Star Trek scene comes to mind “In the fight between good and evil, good must be very, very good.”

Consider what kind of supplies might not be available at any cost just because there is no longer a manufacturing base or because there is no supply chain. In the 1900s they had the railroads as a lifeline from the industrial east.

One of the greatest advantages we have is access to a huge amount of information about our world, how things work and everything in our lives. We need to be smart enough to learn/understand as much as possible and store references for all the rest. Some of us don’t sleep well at night as we are well aware of how fragile our society and technological infrastructure is. Trying to live the homesteader’s life would be very painful for most of us. I would prefer not to. I hope and pray it doesn’t ever come to that.How long would it take us to rebuild the tools for recovery to the early 1900 levels?   Beans? There was almost always a pot of beans on the stove in the winter time. Chickens and a couple of milk cows provided needed food to balance the larder. They could not have supported a growing family without these two resources.

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Has WWIII Begun? (The risk of US-dominated NATO global war with nukes is ominously higher today than ever before.)

Wars don’t begin on a single day by a single military action — even though history portrays things this way at times.

Hostile actions escalate over time to full-blown conflicts — the pattern unfolding in Ukraine since hegemon USA’s so-called 2004 Orange Revolution in former nation-state.

It’s now a territory controlled by the empire of lies and forever wars, a platform for waging war on Russia.

Things escalated since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Vladimir Putin authorized Russia’s SMO last February because over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian troops were mobilized in preparation to invade Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea — preceded by weeks of heavy cross-border shelling.

Since then, Russian forces liberated the LPR entirely, most of the DPR, and most Kherson and Zaporozhye areas.

Following open, free and fair referendum voting last month, they joined the Russian Federation — exercising their UN Charter right of self-determination. 

At the same time, hegemon USA — perhaps jointly with one or more vassal states — detonated explosives to render 3 of 4 Nord Stream gas lines to Germany inoperable, an act of state-sponsored terrorism against the Russian Federation. 

Then on October 8, Ukrainian Nazis damaged a portion of the Crimean Bridge across the Kerch Strait — another terrorist act against what connects Russia’s Republic of Crimea to the mainland.

What was a symbolic, not a strategic, action was authorized by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

At war on Russia by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers, hegemon USA is fully in charge of their operations.

On Sunday in response to Crimean Bridge sabotage, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, minced no words as follows, saying:

“Russia can only respond to this crime by directly killing terrorists, as is the custom elsewhere in the world.”

“This is what Russian citizens expect.”

What happened “was a terrorist act and sabotage committed by the criminal Kiev regime.”

“There never was any doubt about that.”

“All reports were presented and conclusions made.”

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin met with Russia’s Investigative Committee Chairman, Alexander Bastrykin.

He explained the following, saying:

“(O)ur investigative team of the Main Directorate of Investigations and crime and forensic experts promptly arrived at the site of the incident.”

“They carried out a detailed examination of the site together with explosives experts and forensic team and reached well-grounded tentative conclusions.”

“We opened an investigation in accordance with part 2 of Article 205 “Terrorism,” and this is confirmed by the preliminary stage of the investigation.”

“We interrogated numerous witnesses and eyewitnesses.”

“Special expert studies have been launched and largely completed – explosives expertise, DNA testing and a forensic analysis.”

“Respective instructions were issued to the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry of Russia regarding investigative activities.”

“We have already established the route of the lorry which exploded.”

“It drove through Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, and the Krasnodar Territory.”

“In addition, we have also identified the carriers – the persons who took part in arranging the movements of that lorry.”

“The FSS field agents helped to identify suspects from among those who could have arranged the terrorist act and those who are active within the Russian Federation.”

Mincing no words, Vladimir Putin said the following on Sunday:

Crimean Bridge sabotage “was a (state-sponsored) terrorist attack aimed at destroying critical Russian civilian infrastructure.”

Kiev regime “special services were the authors, perpetrators and customers” of what happened — as authorized by their US master.

Separately on Sunday, Belarusian State Border Committee Chairman, Anatoly Lappo, accused Ukrainian Nazis of planning imminent strikes on the nation’s territory, saying:

“Today, almost all border bridges have been blown up.”

“Automobile and railway border routes are completely mined.” 

Ukrainian Nazis “put anti-tank mines in three rows on roads” along border areas.

“We are under pressure.”

“They are aiming at our border guards.”

“Sometimes they shoot in the air.

“Constant aerial reconnaissance is being carried out.”

“Ukraine is planning to conduct a strike on the territory of Belarus.”

Last week, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko accused Kiev of massing tens of thousands of troops along the nation’s 1,000 km border.

According to Belarusian Defense Minister, General Viktor Khrenin, the nation’s military is able to deploy around 500,000 forces to defend its territory against foreign aggression.

Separately on Monday, Russia responded to state-sponsored terrorism by Kiev regime Nazis against the Crimean Bridge.

According to eyewitnesses, multiple explosions rocked Kiev, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.

Reportedly, the regime’s Security Service (SBU) and key infrastructure targets were struck.

Its so-called prime minister, Denis Shmygal, said the following:

“As of 11:00 AM Monday, 11 crucial infrastructure facilities were damaged in eight regions and in Kiev.”

“Some regions are currently without power.”

“We need to brace for temporary disruptions in electricity and water supplies and communication services.”

Occupied Kharkov areas lost power and water.

More on Russian retaliation against regime state terror as additional information becomes available.

Months earlier, Belarusian President Lukashenko warned that hegemon USA, its NATO vassals and Nazified Kiev are “push(ing) toward a third world war” against Russia, adding:

The empire of lies and forever wars “is the sole beneficiary of what is happening here.”

“In this way, Europe can be shown its place and (US) competitors eliminated.”

A new “iron curtain” emerged.

The risk of US-dominated NATO global war with nukes is ominously higher today than ever before.

Based on recent events discussed above, has it already begun unannounced?

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How Dire Our Circumstances Have Become With All the Real-World Challenges We So Profoundly Face

I’ve been away from Facebook for much of the last year…
I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble trying to except

how dire our circumstances have become

with all the real-world challenges we so profoundly face

and the self-defeating embrace of the latest trend of anti-intellectualism,

along with the embrace of religion’s morally bankrupt support of

the most morally bankrupt, criminally corrupt ‘president’

that promoted and pandered to those church’s agendas for their political support

which was evident in his profoundly destructive foreign policies.

~ ~ ~

To the shamefully un-holy Christian church leaders,

that find solace in the

morally bankrupt, criminally corrupt tRump,

while organizing an excommunication to stain

Joe Biden’s lifelong practice of his Catholic faith.

Joe goes to his Catholic church every Sunday,

tRump plays golf, has affairs with porn stars and hookers

while his wives are pregnant…

and the Christian leaders are all in support of this

un-moral behavior,

while they want to ‘excommunicate’ Joe

for not doing their evil bidding.

That’s Christianity these daze.

Not enough moral Christians are calling out the un-holy behavior of the church leaders that are perpetuating such disgraces.

Not many ‘real Spiritually connected Christian’s’ these daze

can proudly practice their faith,

without the guilt of how the “church” has gone so morally astray.

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The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

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I was born, raised, baptized and even catechism’d a Catholic.

I had to come to grips with all the mis-leading elements

from the atrocities of the church and the absolute requirement of

taking myths, magic, and miracles as the literal truth, instead of

using them intelligently as metaphoric similes.

~ ~ ~

Most religions do not practice ‘un-conditional love’.

They feel that anyone that does not go along with their

mis-beliefs are going to hell. That is not unconditional love.

One of conscious should be very cautious when they find that

their church states only they have the ultimate truth in regards

to the ineffable nature of God.

~ ~ ~

I used to be a Ronald Reagan republican,

then an ultra-conservative Libertarian…

before I discovered

I just had to vote my conscious independently for all humanity.

These daze
with most of our country overrun by a popular but

devastating trend towards extreme anti-intellectualism and narcissism

on a dangerously stupid level in which

the majority of our mentally vulnerable population

can’t resist being drawn into and allowed to be manipulated by

morally bankrupt, corrupt, conniving, con thugs in the gop

which is doing its best to destroy any chance of ever

improving the human condition.

They only want to let the rich get richer, pay less taxes…
just to maintain their paycheck with the job of

obstructing the potential improvements for ‘we the people’.


as long as their base gets to promote hate, division and discontent,

flouting their middle finger to the rest of their neighbors and countrymen…

the big ‘F-U’ is their flag of “patriotism”…

These are the classical lower psychological growth characteristics of ‘arrested development’.

~ ~ ~

Through our ‘patriotic’ eye, we’ve been so distracted by

other country’s religious extremists, that

we’ve lost sight of how our very own American religious extremists

are doing their best to fast track our nation toward their goal of

“End Times Prophecies”.

to this end,

our gop has spent the last 4 years pandering to these religious freaks

that by way of their version of ‘religion’; it expressed to their very own children that getting along with unconditional love and peace for all mankind is NOT “god’s” way…


For these religious leaders to shamefully embrace tRump,

the epitome of morally bankrupt and criminally corrupt,

is a blaring sign that they are embracing, in their own verbiage…

Evil is not a mysterious mystic devil incarnate scary thing

like they created to scare the unwitting flock into submission since biblical times…
Evil is just how morally bankrupt, criminally corrupt folks

like these ‘christian leaders’ and the gop do things.

It’s said that the road to hell is paved with these phuck’s souls.

but don’t worry,

‘hell’ is only a scare tactic they created to keep the flock in line,

just another myth the faithful needs to except as the literal truth.

The only way to an everlasting white supremist Christian extremist heaven is

by creating a chaos that will render all life and this planet

to be burned to the core…

They actively and eagerly look forward to the destruction of

all that “god” has created, just so their projection of what they

psychopathically project to be “god’s will” can be realized.

Come on folks,


The end of times prophecies are

the american Christian extremist version of

what’s best for our children’s children.


Odd to consider that these same ‘end of times’ believers also

mis-proclaim to be ‘pro life’,

when they really just want to see all life and all possibility for life

to be ended forever.

Just so their prophecy for going to their projection of

a white supremacist christian’s heaven can be fantasied…
and scariest… still attempted to be fulfilled with the help of the gop.


these “pro life” Christian charlatans are typically PRO GUNS!

Having countless children die unnecessarily

just so red neck “grownups” can shoot the shit out of things

is a very small price to pay, so they try to sell us.

~ ~ ~

There is a major problem with organized ‘religions’

that are more about power & politics

than a personal connection with Spirit.

There is no personal ‘Spirit’ practiced,

only the adherence to taking myth, magic, and miracles

as the literal truth while

refusing to listen to science and medical professionals.

Note that,

to most of these folks,

the whole entire universe and the endless galaxies

that are millions of light years away

are really less than 7000 years old!

You can’t even talk about how the Hawaiian Islands were formed

without violating one of their sacred myths.

They have been bamboozaling the flock with

biblical conspiracy theories since ‘biblical times’.

We now have a ‘post-modern society’ that should be flourishing,

if it not for a large portion that still to this day takes

myths, magic, miracles, and biblical conspiracy theories

as the literal truth!


to them, it seems perfectly fine

to buy into any conspiracy theory that goes along with their

prejudices, fears and under educated yet

supremacist confusions with science.

Critical thinking and common sense have been systematically removed

from their flock’s mind set and perspectives.

~ ~ ~

Sad but True… then, there are these

unevolved, uneducated self-proclaimed supremacist.

They way out number the reasonably intelligent, excepting,

unconditional loving post-modern folks of higher consciousness

that are concerned for all of humanity, even caring for

the idiots shitz with their ‘patriotic middle finger’ up our nose.

Being so outnumbered…

‘we get the government we deserve’,

is the classical conundrum we are trapped in.

The betterment of our living conditions

would have helped US help others…
We should be ushering in a new era of

transcendence towards a sustainable humanity.


We are being run by a ‘self-defeating mode of government’.

A government that allows a party like the gop

the worst enemy of ‘we the people’ and America

that we have ever faced in our history that is supported and pandered to

‘the church’, not for righteousness, but

for power, political, and financial gain.

Please understand,

‘God’ is not involved with this type of Un-holy “church”.

There is a shameful waste of infinite growth potential,

evolvement and transcendence

that should have by now been benefiting ‘we the people’

and all the people of this world, right now in this ‘here & now’.


as a collective community,

‘we the people’ are stuck on stupid

and most of ‘US’ are even proud of it


All because the gop is polluting the vulnerable minds of their base

with inspirations of hate and division

all while emboldening them to be proud to be all that and

be proud of being an uneducated white supremacist…
think about how idiotic that sounds…
uneducated, yet feel they are better than others that are not pigment-ally challenged.

Telling the stupid to not only be proud of being stupid,

but taking it dangerously further with the delusion that

being stupid and white is what makes one more superior than others

that are less stupid;-O

This digression is going viral.

and oh yea all ya all…
They are stock piling guns & ammo to support their delusion of ‘patriotism and “god”‘:-O

~ ~ ~

We get the government we deserve.

When our country’s collective community is:

Too stupid to understand that they are being misled,

Too mentally vulnerable to distinguish real truth from

BS conspiracy theories and disinformation.

Too unevolved to apply ‘critical thinking’ and

comprehend how to tell the difference between right & wrong.

Common sense is totally lost on these poor folks that

have been taken advantage of by their church and national representation.


they continue supporting the vilest excuses for representation

with no morals, virtues or concerns for what truly is best of all of humanity.

In truth,

these folks are not much different from the ‘other side of the isle’, it’s just that,

they have been allowed to be the victims of

a savage and unwholesome form of representation

that should never EVER have been an option

to run what should have been the greatest nation in the world.


just realizing how much infinite potential

that our poor excuse for a government has squandered

is a shame that will take generations to clean up…
IF we have that much time… but…
we don’t.

We can do what we can do, but…
as we are stuck with a self-defeating mode of representation,

because ‘we the people’ allow and support such a

vile obstructive party that is the ‘gop’…
we must make peace with ‘reality’…
It is, was it is…
and currently…
it’s stuck on stupid…
a really stupid time to have one’s head up our collective ass.

There is no excuse to allow this form of obstructive representation to continue.

We don’t have to stay stuck on stupid.

It is unconscionable to allow our “leaders”

to take advantage of our population

simply for political and financial gain.

If our country was run with the efficiency of say, a mission in space,

there would be no room for stupid!

‘We the people’ don’t have time to waste on stupid.

There is too much at stake and too many global challenges

that require ‘the best we got’…
It is quite sobering to look out at our collective state of un-evolvement

and realize…
we don’t have a rat’s ass snowball in hell chance,

on account of our self-defeating mode of government and

how we are dealing with the reality of it all right now.

Make peace with yourself.

Make peace with reality.

Make peace with all your neighbors.

We all are ultimately inseparably at one with each other…
we just can’t experience the unconditional love of our True Nature

amidst the chaos of our insane reality.

If it’s all to hard to understand, then… fine, just

Let it be,

Let it go,

Humble your ego,

and just…


Hang Loose… Our Ultimate Spirit is…

Always Already Alright!

The most shocking video can be found below.

Liberal’s hidden agenda: more than just your guns…

… the impending collapse of the US food supply system
will steal the food from your kids’ tables…

Watch this video below to find out the great secrets hidden by the government.

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How an Economical Depression Or Economical Recession is Created and How it Affects You

The financial world today runs on a different system’s approach as, say, before the Civil War. The old currency system was based on certificates of deposit of such valuables as jewels, gold and silver. The currency that the deposited valuables could support could be a maximum of seven times the value of the valuables on deposit. This magical number depended on the amount of bearers of certificates of deposit that insisted on having the certificates of deposit exchanged for the valuables themselves.

Banking experience has proven that no more than 1 out 7 holders of certificates of deposit would demand redemption of their certificates. So, as long as the currency backed by the valuables was not inflated more than 7 times no one would notice any effect of the inflated currency and there would be no run on the bank. The inflated certificates of deposit actually stimulated business.

The present system of currency, however, is based on debt. The more money, governments, people and corporations borrow the more money is available in the market to run business and people’s household budgets. If there are no new loans generated and there are no outstanding loans at all there simply is no money in circulation. The Federal Reserve System ( FRS ) would destroy all the currency it could lay its hands on- -and it can lay its hands on most of the money in circulation.

This debt-based currency system was put in effect in the year 1915, together with the adoption of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and the federal income tax laws and regulations- -the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ).

The adoption of these three measures in addition to the already adopted Federal Reserve System is self-evident proof of conspiracy of powerful financial figures and elected officials in US government against the people of America. It caused the enslavement of the American people through accumulation of debt owed to our betrayers through a system of currency that automatically, in a rather short time, can bring the nation to irreparable financial ruination. The national debt is beyond control and growing in leaps and bounds daily.

In fact, I heard a televised news cast in the fall of 1995 that announced that Congress had declared the US government bankrupt. The United States of America is now in receivership to the Federal Reserve System. The United States of America still exist in name only but the anchor of the foundation of the US, the free people of America, has been enslaved. The Constitution is now only a means, or a prop of propaganda to make the people believe they still have a nation and that as people they are still free. It is a lie.

Important Below:

Here’s just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in The Lost SuperFoods:

The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

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Without free people there simply is no United States of America.

What does debt stand for? It stands for a measure of enslavement to the entity a person owes the debt to; especially when one is unable to repay the debt! How did we, the people, get into this enormous debt? The debt was created from absolutely nothing.

For example, say, you ask a bank for a $1000.00 loan. The bank may not really have this amount of money in deposit. But that is no problem; the bank simply requests that $1000.00 in bills must be printed. This takes a little time. This period of time happens to coincide pretty well with the time it takes for your request to be approved. But on what authority is the money printed?

There are no valuables to back the money that was printed. What really backed the request to print the money is your guarantee to pay back the money plus interest over a certain amount of time. You, as borrower, ‘is’ that authority; yet, you are stuck having to pay the interest on the loan, you are also stuck to make the promised payments on time and also stuck with having the property you purchased through the use of that loan foreclosed on you when you default. Not only did you guarantee to pay back the money you asked for, but your guarantee also allowed new currency to be printed and also gave the bank authority to have more money printed than you asked for. See, you must pay the interest on money the bank created out of thin air on your authority.

How was currency created after 1915? Debt-based money came in circulation because government got the nation instantly into an expensive war about a cause that truly did not concern us at all and government never paid back the money it borrowed. After that war US government got the nation involved in any war it could deceive the people to help it fight. Also, government regularly overruns its budget wantonly and thus needs to borrow on a big scale. It allows enormous trade deficits every year that it never intends to pay back either. You can see that US government deliberately destroyed the liberty and financial independence of the nation and of the people over the last century.

How did the wars the US got involved in get into being? These wars were planned behind the scenes by US government and its conspirator the FRS and the governments of the opposing nation(s). Then, the people were fooled to support government’s promoted wars through blatant systems of lies/propaganda so bizarre that it goes beyond people’s ability to conceive and understand. The people believed their governing officials and helped fight the wars. The people were herded through clever and deceitful propaganda to fight wars that even though America won on the battle fields yet caused them to lose their national and personal freedoms through the accumulation of debts these wars caused.

I always compare these planned wars between peoples of different nations and cultures to cock fights in arenas where the cocks are enraged against each other to fight to the death of one of them. Truly, there is no difference. Nations of people are like fighting cocks/roosters that fight wars for the pleasure of the powers that own them and that plan and control every event of importance in the world.

News broadcasts are means of spreading propaganda that binds the minds of the masses to the will of the hidden government. It is said that propaganda forms the attitude of the people targeted by the propaganda and makes willing robots of them to do the bidding of those who plan and execute the systems of propaganda- -government.

These three measures enacted in 1915 go hand in hand to form a system of enslavement. The 16th amendment and the income tax are the tools to control and enforce the system of debt-based currency. A decade earlier US government allowed the establishment of a privately-controlled debt-based banking system. In the decade preceding the enactment of the actual debt-based currency, all the requirements, laws and rules necessary to run an effective debt-based currency were worked out behind the scenes so that upon adoption of the above mentioned three measures the system became immediately in enforced effect. It took some fifteen years to remove the bulk of the value-based currency from circulation. The planned great economical depression of 1929 saw to it that the remainder of value-based currency was removed as well.

At the end of the hall leading to all the conference centers in Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina is an enlarged photo of the victory dinner showing a great hall in this hotel and many of the members of this conspiracy celebrating their victory of the official adoption by Congress and the people of these three measures! This photo cannot possibly show any other interpretation. The subscript says they ere all from Washington, DC.

It must be noted that the Federal Reserve System and its board of supervisors is beyond the control and supervision of US government. It is an entirely independent institution based on a privately controlled trust. The directors of the system are the trustees of the trust. This board of trustees works for the beneficiaries of the trust. It is not generally known who these trustees are; but be sure they exist.

The Federal Reserve System was inaugurated on the promise that the system would stabilize and regulate US business and the currency. The system is known as “a guided economy”. As we have experienced over almost a hundred years, the Federal Reserve Board did not live up to its agreements on which the system was based. This board of Trustees is merely working out its own secret agenda without any regard to business and people.

It is a well-known principle among bankers and financiers that the entity that controls the currency of a nation controls the power in that nation. So, the people lost liberty and control over government by government transferring control of our currency to deceitful, independent private parties.

This, again, proves the utter fallacy of democracy. You as voters are so cunningly deceived by your politicians that your vote works against you rather than for you. You are so ignorant of what you are doing, politically, that by voting you prove to be your own worst enemy- -because you vote in total ignorance of the power and cunning of forces behind the scenes.

This whole scenario reminds me strongly of the scenario that played itself off in paradise between Woman and the serpent. There is no doubt in my mind that US government is a venomous serpent as well. US government deceived the people as perfectly as the serpent deceived Woman in paradise.

Artificially created economic depressions or economic recessions are the cause that huge corporations like major car companies, airlines and food companies go belly-up and are taken over by foreign-owned concerns.

That is the way the physical universe has been run as long as human beings were entered into it. You always are your own worst enemy because you act without ever knowing what really is going on. You never know what you are doing and what the long-term consequences are of you actions. The reason, of course, is deceit perpetrated in your trust of others who pretend to be trustworthy but, instead, are cunning, calculated liars.

You can create currency also. If you receive a check from A you can make over the check to B and he can do so to C. This is the honest way because no one charges interest. The FRS does. There is the viper in the grass.

In the physical environment what you believe seems true until you find out (if you are lucky) that you have been duped again. There are so incredibly many schemes of lies out there that you cannot possible understand what you are doing at any given moment. You literally act in total darkness.

This, by the way, is so for everyone- -the deceivers and the deceived because through reincarnations you will constantly exchange roles like in a game of musical chairs. The reason for this is for your soul to learn and understand spiritual ramifications of truths you spurned when your souls (your real selves) were fully conscious in true reality. The belief in falsehood will tumble anyone instantly out of the realm of true reality into a fictitious reality that has its anchor in the lies you believe.

Truly, he who controls the currency of a nation and therefore also controls the propaganda system is king; and he who controls the spiritual propaganda system and thereby conditions many spiritual entities is god over them in a realm of spiritual make-believe.

The universe is such a spiritual realm of make-believe; and our deceiver and god is this one who goes by such names as Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahman, Allah, etc. We as soul entities have been taken in by a cunning and deceiving spirit, and we were led away from true reality into a virtual realm of make-believe. We, all, are there now- -in physical reality, captives in the only hell there is.

In order to immediately create debt-based currency US government deliberately engaged the United States in World War I to create an excuse for government to borrow huge sums of money. It was the beginning of the US National debt- -a debt which is owed to the Federal Reserve System. World War I was the earnest beginning of circulation of debt-based currency.

The inflated value of the currency based on debt is, I am not really sure, also several times the active debt outstanding. US government farmed out responsibility for our monetary system under a set of agreements in contract to which the Federal Reserve System operates. The inflation of the debt-based currency is controlled by clauses in this contract. This inflated currency stimulates more business and, supposedly, does not cause unnecessary inflation in prices or shortages of products.

The Great Financial Crash of 1929 was deliberately engineered and caused by the Federal Reserve System ( FRS ) to remove value-based currency from circulation and to create a dire need for business and private citizens to borrow money to further business and household needs- -a currency now based on debt.

The financial crash of 1929 also gave government the opportunity to establish the Social Security System to, mostly, guarantee government-sponsored retirement payments to everyone who retired from a full life time of work, and it also created systems of corporate entity identifying numbers and private citizens’ identification numbers- -in the latter case we call these numbers social security numbers. Originally, this number was very private and no one could coerce you to reveal it, but today almost all financial and corporate institutions will demand this number in order to be employed or to receive financial services.

This assigned social security number, for government purposes, replaces a person’s given name and family name. Government, and by that I mean the Federal Reserve System, knows you only by this number. The major impact of the Social Security System for everyone is that a person’s status of free citizens was voluntarily changed to “ward of the state”- -comparable to number-identified life stock on a ranch. By the state becoming the citizens’ warden government, and by this I mean again the Federal Reserve System through the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ), has been given control and power over all our affairs.

The 2nd WW was deliberately created to give the major nations in the world a means to borrow debt-based currency on grand-scale, to assert national governments’ power and to increase control over the affairs and income of the people.

The Cold War was artificially created in conspiracy with the USSR to allow government to borrow huge funds from the FRS; much of which was given away as foreign aid to many countries and the debts these funds created were never paid off but were just added to the over-all US national debt.

There has never been an entity in the universe that so rampantly and irresponsibly borrowed money and got away with hardly ever paying a penny back as US government. US government simply made the American people responsible for its own irresponsible actions. That is the reason that you are now enslaved to the FRS and International monetary Fund ( IMF) and have the Internal revenue Service ( IRS ) on your backs as your slave manager.

Here again, the national banks are the real but hidden governments of the nations. What we call governments, now-a-days, are management institutions in the service of the privately-held Federal Reserve System//National Banks. I regard the Federal Reserve System as the real government behind the front of US government.

Now, here is the scheme used to create a recession. The Federal reserve System ( FRS ) begins to destroy much more currency than it renews. This creates a shortage of money in the economy. Because of the shortage less new loans are granted and therefore much less new currency is issued. This further decreases the shortage of currency and stops people’s ability to purchase items on credit; which in turn causes a slump in production and services.

Businesses cannot honor their outstanding bills and are forced to lay-off personnel. Many businesses will go into bankruptcy and thus more people are without jobs. Jobless people must default on many loans on TVs, cars, boats, insurances of all kinds, and the many other things people make payments on. These things deepen the depression because the financial institutions do not receive the payments they need to stay in business. This will continue to a point determined by the FRS when most of its goals have been reached.

See, how incredibly easy it is to create an economic depression or recession if you have finagled to secure the power to control a nation’s currency. You can see US government’s unforgivable guilt in this situation.

The point of turn-around of the economy is based on a certain percentage of shrinkage of the over-all domestic money supply. When this point is reached the greatest number of well-established people have lost the major part of their wealth. This was the FRS’ purpose to start the economic recession in the first place.

So, when a nation’s currency is based on debt one can be sure that economic depressions will occur at regular intervals. It, all, is done to allow the master to be master by manipulating the wealth and production of the people in the nation. What, after-all, is the use of being master if one does not exert one’s mastership over the enslaved rabble?

Another serious effect of an economic recession is caused by the Internal Revenue Code ( IRC ) and The Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). If you make over a $100,000.00 per year you pay a good slice of it in taxes, unless you reinvest much of your earnings in, supposedly, legitimate tax-shelters.

For people on the upward curve of earned income there are some opportunities allowed by the Inter Revenue Service to shelter your earnings from taxes. You are allowed to deduct the interest on the mortgage of your home. Thus many people buy very expensive properties with hardly any down payment. This produces a big deductable item on the income tax forms.

Another example is to buy rental property on which one can make huge write offs for tax purposes. For example, many people buy rental properties requiring big loans to secure title and must spend lots of money in tax-deductible expenses in order to prevent the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) from grabbing their money. These individuals owning personal and rental properties are now extremely vulnerable to a Federal Reserve Board planned recession because home owners and renters have been laid off and are in default on home and rent payments.

Therefore, these people cannot make payments to the lending institution and the properties are foreclosed on by the banks. Many people may be laid-off or see their income potential disappear like snow in the sun. If there are no sales in business the incomes of many white-collar workers are severely affected. This affects their ability to pay their monthly bills.

In a depression huge numbers of property are foreclosed upon and are for sale. Very few can afford to purchase the foreclosed properties because money is extremely tight; and whatever savings one has invested in properties secured by a mortgage then disappear in the nothingness from which the loans were originally pulled.

Financial institutions cannot lend funds because of all the defaults in mortgage loan payments. Financial institutions will thus have huge inventories of cars, boats real estate, etc. that they cannot get rid off without experiencing huge losses. Thus, privately organized banks will go bankrupt as well.

Those holding other kinds of (mortgaged) investments cannot sell them unless at great loss. An economic depression will thus creep around to hurt almost every one.

In the present economic depression US government pumped 1 trillion dollars into the world-wide economy. Where do you think that money came from? It was created and lent from thin air and printed while the trillion dollars debt and the yearly prime rate in interest attached to it were simply added to the US national debt. No problem, Government is the Wizard of OZZ, but it never pays back the loans. So this government’s financial help turns out to be a shorter chain between your leg and the iron ball.

The problem with the debt-based money system is that loaned money is created from thin air but once the loan exists it is regarded as if the debt was underwritten by pure gold. The debt will not evaporate like water from a lake. The water (debt) is frozen and not a molecule of it is allowed to escape. In the example of a lake, water freely comes into it through the process of precipitation; and some of the water collected in the lake is allowed to evaporate to join the mass of water held as vapor in the atmosphere. This is not so with the national debt. It was created from nothing but once it exists as national debt it is like the rocks in the earth. It suddenly acquired real substance- -through a process of financial and reversed book-keeping hocus-pocus.

If you are not in-the-know about these things you will always be betrayed by those in whom you placed your trust and you will be like lambs led to be slaughtered.

This set-up, folks, is what the FRS considers “guided economy”. Every so often those with large savings are separated from their funds like fattened and slaughtered chickens are stripped of their feathers.

Once the goals of their plans have been realized the FRS will expand the money supply and allow business to expand along a calculated upward curve but with a new crowd of potential ‘heavies’ seeking control. When the recession is over most everyone must start over from scratch.

However, another effect of an economic depression is that many formerly financially well-established folks are now dejected, in psychological depression and are as poor as church mice while a new, younger and more vigorous group of entrepreneurs will start to create an abundance of wealth for themselves.

This newly educated bunch of youngsters, having more ambition and guts than those who lost most of their assets, now have the opportunity to become wealthy; and when they consider themselves set for life the FRS creates another economic recession, etc, etc and strips them of their wealth. In the present environment of conspiracy between the FRS and government, no one can win permanently other than the FRS and its beneficiaries. These beneficiaries own the whole set-up and make nothing but profits.

Your financial and psychological fate rests entirely in the might and power of the national bank of your nation and that fate will blossom and wilt before you are of retirement age. The governments of the world, now, are no more than servants of these privately held, untouchable, national banks. You can vote until you appear to have purple and gold in your countenance, but it will do not a single bit of good in controlling the real government of your nation. The true governments of the nations, the national banks, are secure from the vagaries of the voting process. Your vote is worth absolutely nothing!

Today, these national banks are confederated into a single body known as the IMF- -the International Monetary Fund. The people of the world were simply enslaved by their governments to the national banks without anything having been paid for their enslavement. It is a grosser rape than the revolution and communist take-over in Russia and of Negroes uprooted from their native soil and sold into slavery all over the world without anything of value having being paid in return.

The only manner in which I can see redemption from the enslaving grasp of the IMF and its member national banks is when the debt created by the businesses and the people of a country is owned by a truly, people-controlled government (I mean controlled in fact by the people). The system of currency cannot be held by private parties. If we would have this system there would be no purpose to embroil the people in a constant procession of wars and economic recessions.

If the debt is controlled by a truly people-controlled government then the debt can be simply evaporated even as private, debt-based wealth is now evaporated through artificial manipulation of the economy. The national debt could regularly be declared non-existent by government action so that no one will feel a loss, but instead will have a renewed confidence in government. The debt-based currency, after all, exists only to conduct and further business among ourselves. Once the purpose of the nationally granted loans is realized there is no need to keep them on the books.

Debt would then drive the debt-based currency and economy, but debt would not be an enslaving factor because the people are the debtors and the owners of the debt. In truth, in the present system they are the owners of the debt also because the debtors are the underwriters of the creation of the currency. The problem is that the people do not know that. Such a new system would be wholesome and would encourage business and the accumulation of private wealth without hurting anyone.

We would thus no longer encounter the ridiculously high debts the nations owe the national banks. The Federal Reserve System, in fact, would be a valid, accountable department in a servant-based government that is wholly controlled by a governing, voting public. We would again have a republic rather than a useless democracy. Government would be in authentic power without the innumerable criminals that now hide in, around and behind the scenes of government.

Presently, you are physically as enslaved and as totally helpless in your enslavement as the Negro slaves were some two hundred years ago. The slaves in America found their redeemer in President Lincoln and all of you today may have a redeemer in my writings.

My writings will inform you of your physical and spiritual entrapment. I use physical conditions only as examples to show how utterly entrapped we are in our soul entities. Remember, the spiritual realm is for real and thus your soul exists. If your soul is real, what, possibly, can be your physical entity but a nightmare of soul in spirit! Either the physical environment is real or the spiritual environment is real.

The universe cannot be real because everything in it dies, deteriorates or vanishes- -including the world and the heavens that contain it, according to Jesus- -and new things appear in their places. Know that Jesus is right; the universe had a beginning and it certainly will have its end! And no one knows when that will be! Is that not strange? It proves that someone is playing hanky-panky with our spiritual minds.

An example of things that vanish can be a program you are watching on TV. While you are watching the program the electricity goes out and the program you are watching vanishes into absolute nothingness. The universe is as contrived an entity as the TV program you were watching. It seems to be there but it can vanish without warning.

I am a spiritual redeemer. I received my understanding from Jesus of Nazareth’s words in context with some of the writings of Moses given in the beginning of the book of Genesis and through an awful lot of personal study, experience and insight gained in this life. Jesus’ teaching could not redeem us before because we as soul-entities were too engrossed in being human to ever be aware of our reality-shattering state of spiritual enslavement, delusion or even aberration.

Our spiritual existence has been hidden in betrayals of reality within a virtual reality within more virtual realities. In our spiritual existence we have lost our identity in true reality and are now possibly lost forever in virtual mind delusions. The god we know as humans and as souls is our deceiver and enslaver, even as the financial wizards in conspiracy with governments, presently, are our deceivers and enslavers.

I was spiritually guided to understand the meaning and purpose of the utter powerlessness of physical life and I have been given time to inform you of your condition. I gave it all to you in books and articles. I have not much time left. I am in old age and I will not be among you very much longer.

Some of you will heed my words and find financial liberty in this life and spiritual liberty as souls in spirit. The rest of you will eventfully go down, together with all the utterly spiritually uninformed into the hell of irredeemable spiritual existence as wild and hunted animals in a virtual setting of physical nature- -the possibility of spiritual understanding and redemption lost forever.

The greatest problem we have as humans is that we mistake our real enemies for friends and our true friends as enemies or as people one must not take too seriously; and, also, that we confuse our true spiritual father with a deceiver.

That is because our enemies have silken tongues but our true friends tell us the truth.

Those who will never come in contact with my writings will have an excuse because they never knew any better; but readers of my writings who disregard the truth of their condition presented in my articles and books are without excuse. Upon your physical expiration, whether you are of the clergy, a lay person, an atheist or a powerful financial wizard, there will be no help for you ever. Your religious beliefs or your by-propaganda-ingrained personal stances toward spiritual reality and toward physical life form your sole personal and spiritual prisons.

My writings deserve your full attention, consideration and reflection in reaching a decision about your fate as a conscious entity physically and as a lost soul spiritually.


The most shocking video can be found below.

Liberal’s hidden agenda: more than just your guns…

… the impending collapse of the US food supply system
will steal the food from your kids’ tables…

Watch this video below to find out the great secrets hidden by the government.

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Purpose of Biden-Financed Bio-Projects Was to Create Infections That Damage Agriculture: Russian MoD

The Russian military has already detailed the president’s son’s implication in a massive, clandestine biological weapons and pharmaceutical research program in Ukraine’s biological laboratories involving US government agencies, big pharma, the Ukrainian military and a number of Western ‘charitable’ and ‘health-related’ foundations.

‘The main focus of the research projects involving Pentagon military contractor Black & Veatch and Metabiota, the Hunter Biden investment fund-linked biotech company, were concentrated around quarantine infections that could damage nations’ agricultural sectors, Igor Kirillov, the chief of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops has indicated.

“Take note of the report for the US military by Black & Veatch and Metabiota. In accordance with this document, ‘veterinary projects’ with the code ‘TAP’ were implemented simultaneously with the ‘UP’ series projects in Ukraine. Their main focus was economically significant quarantine infections, capable of causing damage to the agriculture of individual nations and entire regions, such as galanders, African and classical swine fever, highly infectious pathogenic avian influence, and Newcastle Disease,” Kirillov said in a briefing Thursday in Moscow.

The Pentagon appeared particularly interested in African swine fever, according to the Russian MoD’s analysis, with the pathogen studied under two separate projects.

“The TAP-3 project is aimed at studying the spread of the African swine fever pathogen through wild animals, under which the migration routes of wild boars in Ukraine were studied. Under the TAP-6 project, this process was scaled up to the countries of Eastern Europe,” Kirillov explained.

The RCBD Troops commander specified that the research into populations of carriers of potentially dangerous zoonotic infections was conducted by scientists from the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute in areas of western and central Ukraine, as well as territories bordering both Russia and Belarus.

This research has not been without its poisonous ‘fruit’, Kirillov indicated, pointing to the worsening pathological situation as it relates to African swine fever across Eastern Europe, as detailed by World Organization for Animal Health data, which has found that since 2014, disease outbreaks have been recorded in the Baltic states (more than 12,000 cases), and Poland (13,000+ cases), with economic losses from the outbreaks estimated at over 2.4 billion euros ($2.44 billion US).

Metabiota Used as Arm of the Pentagon

Kirillov said that the Biden-linked Metabiota stands out even among the other Western government and corporate actors involved in dubious biological research in Ukraine.

“The available materials indicate that this company served as a cover for solving tasks that were dubious from the point of view of international law and used by the US political elite to carry out non-transparent financial activities in various regions of the world,” Kirillov said.

“To give a specific example, Metabiota was involved in the response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. The activities of the company’s employees raised questions from the World Health Organization in terms of their compliance with biosafety requirements,” the senior officer said, pointing to a report by an international group of experts who took part in the fight against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone in 2015. The report indicated that in addition to failing to comply with regulations on treating patients, Metabiota workers concealed the Pentagon’s involvement in the work, effectively allowing the biotech company to be used as an arm of the Defense Department, which sought to isolate highly virulent strains of the Ebola virus among the infected and deceased and to export these strains back to the United States.

“The Pentagon contractor’s heightened interest in the Ebola virus is not accidental: the disease is known to be among the most pathogenic for human beings. During the outbreak that began in 2014, 28,000 people fell ill, with 11,000 dying, for a lethality rate of about 40 percent,” Kirillov emphasized.

The Russian military, he said, has also recovered documents detailing Metabiota’s plans to work with the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine, the Kiev-headquartered international intergovernmental organization with offices across the former Soviet space, to study the Ebola virus on Ukrainian territory. Kirillov presented a slide with an image of a funding request for the diagnosis of dangerous pathogens, including Ebola, in Ukraine, with the research expected to take place at the Mechnikov Anti-Plague Institute in Odessa.

“Taking into account that the disease is not endemic, and, moreover, has never been recorded in Ukraine, questions naturally arise as to why such studies are needed and their true purpose,” the commander said.

At Thursday’s briefing, Kirillov also revealed that the RCBD Troops were able to recover a key conceptual document on the activities of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for the period from 2005 to 2016.

The detailed 150 page document, prepared by a group of US experts, “contains information on the assessment of the effectiveness of healthcare systems, veterinary medicine and biosecurity,” in Ukraine, and serves as a “conceptual document for further planning of the Pentagon’s military-biological activities in the country, including conclusions on the implementation of its main directions,” Kirillov said.

Quoting from the document, the officer indicated that the Pentagon was aware that Ukraine had no legislation in place regarding the control of highly dangerous pathogens, and that there were “significant gaps” in its biosecurity, with funding insufficient for biological laboratories to respond effectively to a public health emergency.

The report showed that the DTRA was aware of numerous gross safety violations at the Eastern European country’s biological facilities, from non-locking fencing systems to broken or deactivated pathogen access control systems, lack of alarm systems, etc.

The document positively accessed the DTRA’s own role in Ukraine, boasting its success in transporting Ukraine’s national collection of microorganisms to the United States, as well as the implementation of projects studying dangerous and economically significant infections.

“The appendix to the documents contains ambiguous comments regarding the Ukrainian biothreat reduction program’s sponsors and executors who have nothing to do with biosecurity issues. Specifically, the Soros Foundation is mentioned,” Kirillov said.

Bundeswehr’s Crimean Congo Fever Research

“As we have already noted, Ukraine and other nations in the post-Soviet space have become a biological weapons testing ground not only for the United States, but also for their allies in the NATO bloc, particularly Germany,” Kirillov indicated as he presented new information about the German military’s biological activities in the Eastern European country.

According to the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops’ analysis, Bundeswehr specialists paid special attention to the causative agent of the Crimean Congo fever, engaging in research screening the susceptibility of Ukrainians to the disease through the generalization of demographic, epidemiological and clinical data to try to identify new regional virus genotypes and select strains that cause latent clinical forms of the disease.

Krillov said that that a study of Crimean Congo fever’s natural foci was conducted under the guise of ‘improving Ukraine’s epidemiological surveillance’ at the Kiev-based Institute of Veterinary Medicine, and the aforementioned Mechnikov Anti-Plague Institute.

“… Pay special attention to lethal cases of infection with the Crimean-Congo fever, as this will allow us to isolate virus strains from the deceased with maximum pathogenicity and virulence for human beings,” Kirillov said, quoting from a recovered report.

The disease has a lethality rate of up to 30 percent, and requires lengthy, costly treatment and prevention measures.

Tick-Borne Infection Research

Kirillov also provided new details on US microbiologists’ research into tick-borne infections, with this work funded by the DTRA within the framework of projects UP-1 and UP-8. A separate, additional project studying ixodid ticks, hosts of a number of dangerous infections, including Crimean Congo fever, tularemia and West Nile virus, was implemented by scientists from Texas A&M University. The ticks were collected mostly from regions of southeastern Ukraine, with natural foci for infection similar to neighboring Russian territory, according to Kirillov’s information.

Coincidentally, the officer said, this work “coincided with a rapid increase in the incidence of tick-borne borreliosis among the Ukrainian population, as well as an increase in the number of ticks in a number of Russian regions bordering Ukraine.” The Russian MoD and scientists are investigating the matter, according to Kirillov.

Captured Ukrainian Servicemen Suffering From Range of Illnesses

Kirillov also provided new data on the state of the health of Ukrainian servicemen who laid down their arms and surrendered to Russian forces in the course of the ongoing conflict. A significant percentage are suffering from diseases, he said.

“33 percent of surveyed servicemen were ill from hepatitis A, over four percent had renal syndrome, 20 percent had West Nile virus. These figures are significantly higher than the average [for Ukraine]. Given the fact that these diseases were actively studied by the Pentagon in the framework of its Ukrainian projects, there is reason to believe that personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were involved in experiments as volunteers to assess tolerance to dangerous infectious diseases,” Kirillov said.

“According to available information, during inpatient treatment of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel at medical institutions, the absence of a therapeutic effect to the introduction of antibacterial drugs has been recorded. High concentrations of antibiotics, including sulfonamides and fluoroquinolones, have been detected in their blood,” the officer said.

“This may indicate the prophylactic use of antibiotics and the training of personnel to carry out tasks in conditions of biological contamination, for example, the causative agent of cholera, which indirectly confirms information held by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the planned use of biological agents by Ukrainian special forces,” Kirillov concluded.

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Revelation- In The Last Hour Riches Is Come to Nought. (The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to ‘turn the world upside down.)

The prophet Isaiah warns us that in the last days God is going to “turn the world upside down.” He declares, “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down” (Isaiah 24:1).

According to this prophecy, sudden judgment is coming upon the earth, and it will change everything in a single hour. Within that short span, the whole world will witness fast-falling destruction upon a city and a nation, and the world will never be the same.

If you are attached to material things — if you love this world and the things of it — you won’t want to hear what Isaiah has prophesied. In fact, even to the most righteous of God’s people, what Isaiah says might seem unthinkable. Many would surely ask, “How can an entire world be stricken in one hour?”

If we didn’t believe the Bible is God’s pure Word, few of us would take Isaiah’s prophecy seriously. But Scripture makes it clear: in a single hour, the world is going to change. The church is going to change. And every individual on earth is going to change.

The apostle John gives a similar warning in Revelation. He speaks of destructive judgment coming upon a city and nation: “In one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her…. For in one hour so great riches is come to nought” (Revelation 18:8, 17).

In Isaiah’s prophecy, the city under judgment is cast into confusion. Every house is shut up, with no one coming or going. “The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in” (Isaiah 24:10). The entire city is left desolate: “In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten with destruction” (24:12). All entrances and exits to the city are gone. The passage indicates that a fire has come, a blast that has shaken the very foundations of the earth (see 24:6).

We who live in New York City know something about this kind of scene. When the Twin Towers were attacked, the ominous fires and smoke could be seen ascending to heaven for miles. Recently, New Yorkers panicked as a mass of steam erupted from below a city street. People ran in all directions screaming, “Is this it? Is this the end-all attack?”

Today, multitudes of secular prophets are saying a nuclear attack is inevitable. The target they mention most often is New York, but it could happen in any major city: London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Washington. Neither Isaiah nor John names the city upon which destructive judgment falls.I don’t intend this message to frighten anyone.

Let me make clear at this point: I don’t intend this message to frighten anyone. Paul tells us that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we have already passed from death into life. We who call on Jesus as Lord should be confident that no matter what happens in this world, his shed blood saves and redeems us.

Therefore, we are not to fear any newscast, but rather to be attentive to what the Lord is doing in the world. Like many people, I hear grievous reports that make me want to tune everything out. But the truth is, God moves in the midst of such times, and through them he speaks warnings to all who would hear his voice.Isaiah’s prophecy points clearly to our generation.

I believe, along with many eminent Bible scholars, that Isaiah’s prophecy points to the last days. By that, I mean our present time. In short, sudden judgment is coming, and Scripture strongly indicates it is now at the door.

At this point you may be wondering: “How can we be sure we’re the generation this prophecy points to?” We can know by two reasons that such judgments are imminent:

1.A growing number of prophets warn of an apocalyptic disaster at the door. When I use the word “prophets,” I speak not just of those in the church. I’m talking also about “secular prophets.”

There are several precedents for secular prophets in Scripture. God used Assyria as his rod of correction with Israel. And he appointed King Cyrus as his servant to assist Israel: “(The Lord) saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure” (Isaiah 44:28).

Likewise today, God uses secular prophets to send warnings. These become “his prophets” for a season. And their prophecies can be harder than those delivered by believers. The message I’m writing here is mild compared to the prophecies being delivered by all manner of secular voices. Just check your newspaper or radio reports.

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

2.Sudden destruction comes when the cup of violence overflows. Sensuality, perversion and greed are running rampant throughout our society. Yet, when God sent the Flood upon the earth, it was because of a worldwide eruption of violence: “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6:11).

Right now, there are numerous wars and bloody uprisings taking place around the globe. Yet foremost in my mind is the violence being waged against children worldwide:

  • I think of the sexual violence of pedophiles. Children all over the world are being raped, kidnapped and forced into enslavement in the global sex trade. Recently, a pedophile in the U.S. was discovered running a web site that advises other pedophiles on the easiest places to pick up children. There is no law in place to stop this man. The world’s largest church denomination has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to settle the claims of those who were molested in childhood by clergy. Tell me, how long will God endure the pitiful cries of children who are molested by those who would represent Christ?
  • Thousands of children in Africa are being slaughtered in tribal wars, hacked to death by machetes. Young boys — even those under ten years of age — are enlisted into tribal militias and forced to murder men in initiation rites.
  • Here in the U.S., the blood of millions of aborted babies cries out from the ground.
  • Reports of school murders no longer shock many of us but continue to terrorize our children. We may grow hardened to such reports, but God’s heart is grieved by them.

I tell you, there is no worse violence than the brutalizing of children. Heaven is crying out, “Woe, woe! Your judgments have no cure.”1. In one hour, God is going to change the whole world.

A sudden cataclysmic event will strike, the first of the final judgments of God. This great event will cause the earth to reel. And Isaiah says that when it hits, there will be no place to escape: “The lofty [proud] city, he layeth it low…even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust” (Isaiah 26:5). “The inhabitants of the earth are burned” (24:6).

Once this happens, utter chaos will erupt. All civic activities will stop, and society will descend into massive disorder. Government agencies will be helpless to restore any kind of sanity. No state troopers, no national guard, no army will be able to bring order to the upheaval.

You well remember that when the Twin Towers were destroyed, help poured into New York from all over the world. An army of people came to assist in whatever way they could. But the scene in Isaiah’s prophecy is different: this calamity is clearly beyond humankind’s capacity to respond.

Once this judgment strikes, it will devastate the economy. Rich merchants will stand by watching in torment, weeping and mourning, as they face bankruptcy. In an instant, all the wealth they amassed will be reduced to nothing. John describes the scene: “The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city… For in one hour so great riches is come to nought” (Revelation 18:15–17).

Overnight, all buying and selling will cease. Every restaurant and bar will be shut down, and all drinking and music making will end. Indeed, every trace of mirth and delight, joy and gladness, will vanish: “All the merryhearted do sigh. The mirth of tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth. They shall not drink wine with a song…. The mirth of the land is gone” (Isaiah 24:7–9, 11).

Yes, this is a picture of gloom and doom. But it is not my prophecy. This word was given by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God, to be delivered by his righteous prophet Isaiah. Even the secular world is preparing for it to happen. Billions are being spent on homeland security in the U.S., England, Europe and Israel. Why? Military experts warn that a world-impacting terrorist attack is sure to come.

You may ask: “Why would the whole world change, if a nuclear attack occurs in just one city?” It will happen because of the fear of retaliation. If a rogue nation sends such an attack, you can be sure that within hours that nation will be wiped out. Consider the plan Israel has in place, known as the Samson Option. The moment a nuclear warhead is launched against them, within moments Israel will unleash nuclear missiles to devastate the capital cities of all enemy states.

The world has become a ticking bomb, and time is quickly running out.2. In one hour, God is going to change the church.

This hour of devastation will suddenly change churches, whether they are alive or dead. Isaiah writes, “There shall be the shaking as of an olive tree” (Isaiah 24:13). The image is of God shaking an olive tree after it has been picked of fruit. In short, he’s going to shake everything that can be shaken, sparing nothing. It will be a time of cataclysmic destruction and overwhelming darkness.

So, you ask, “What about God’s people in the midst of all this? What will happen to the church?” Isaiah gives us an incredible word about what will happen with believers.

In the midst of the terrible shaking, a song will be heard, and its sound will grow steadily stronger. Suddenly, in that darkest of hours, a worldwide chorus of voices will sing praises to the majesty of God: “They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord, they shall cry aloud from the sea” (24:14).

Do you get the picture? There will be panic everywhere. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear, as fires belch smoke seen for hundreds of miles. Disorder and chaos will reign on all sides. Yet amid the devastating fires and calamity, the world will hear a glorious song being sung: “Glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel… From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous [One]” (Isaiah 24:15–16).

A holy remnant is going to awaken, and a song will be born in the fire. Instead of panicking, the people of God will be praising his awesome majesty. Imagine it: in the darkest hour of all time, a collective voice will rise by the millions out of every nation, not in fear or agony, but in joyful praise to the Lord.

How will this happen, you ask? In one hour, God is going to regenerate and restore his church. Dry bones will shake and rattle, and the righteous will be awakened, as the Holy Spirit calls multitudes of lukewarm believers back to their first love. In his mercy, he’s going to rouse those who have neglected him, ignoring his Word, avoiding prayer, perhaps even contemplating divorce. Suddenly, their souls will be flooded with pangs of remorse and godly sorrow. And many will fall on their knees, crying out in repentance.

There will be a revival of glorifying God’s majesty. And the song of this revival will be heard from the uttermost parts of the earth. East, west, north and south — from Arab lands to China, Indonesia, Africa and all parts of the earth — a glorious song will rise up from the midst of the fires. In one day’s time, those who survived the fires are going to be singing a new song throughout the world.Isaiah 25 tells us wonderful miracles will come in this time, as “God makes all things new.”

All around the world, the Lord’s people are going to “feast” on his Word: “In this mountain shall the Lord of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined” (Isaiah 25:6).

“And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations” (25:7). Right now, in this time of prosperity, the world’s masses seem to be covered with a veil, unable to see the truth of Jesus Christ. But when God rises up to shake the world through judgment, the shrouds covering the minds of billions will be cast aside. The veil of darkness will be removed, and many will see the Lord in his glory. The Holy Spirit won’t force Christ upon these opened eyes and hearts; rather, a remnant is going to rise up from among them.

I believe the darkest shroud-coverings today are over the eyes and hearts of youth worldwide. This is especially true of college-age students, whose faith has been bombarded for up to four years. Over that time their minds have been indoctrinated by godless professors in classrooms where belief is attacked, mocked and scorned. Now these young men’s and women’s faith has been shipwrecked. They leave college convinced God is dead.

But in one hour of devastation — nuclear, economic and social — all such hypocritical veils are going to fall away. Those same professors who mocked them will realize, as they face the possibility of death, a choice must be made: “What about eternity? Is there life after death?” They’re going to look for someone to explain to them all that’s happening.

When the song is sung, it’s going to be heard by young people from every walk of life, from every nation under the sun. Many will harden their hearts and curse God at the sound of this song, but multitudes of others will join in singing of his majesty.3. In one hour, God is going to change us as individuals.

In a single hour, the focus of our lives will be changed. We’ll no longer obsess about our own adversities and troubles. Suddenly, so many things that we held dear will no longer be of any value to us. Why? In that hour, everyone will be in the same boat:

“It shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him” (Isaiah 24:2).

The sudden judgment that comes will not be a respecter of anyone. Rather, it is going to touch all who are within the realm of its fury. Presidents, kings, the world’s richest and most famous — all will tremble just like the poorest of the earth. And this cataclysmic event will bring to naught every idol, purging iniquity and tearing down all false altars:

“By this [the calamity] therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged; and this is all the fruit to take away his sin; when he maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, the groves and images shall not stand up [be left standing]” (Isaiah 27:9).

The world’s most prominent idol is money, and right now America is facing a monstrous financial disaster. Investors are scrambling to move their money out of high-risk funds, and mortgage companies are going bankrupt. One recent financial headline read, “Abandon Ship!” Everyone is selling and nobody is buying. Many households are in a panic, as overnight their lives are changing. I think of the president of a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, who recently put up for sale his 142-foot yacht and his sixteen-bedroom mansion in Aspen, Colorado. His fund had dried up virtually overnight.

The day is coming when sports will be the last thing on people’s minds. I have nothing against sports, but soon there will be no more 250-million-dollar deals for athletes, when so much of the world is starving. All idols will come crashing down, crushed to dust, and the playing field will be leveled. The richest and the poorest alike will face the same conditions.

It will all happen within a day. “When they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).Why such apocalyptic warnings?

You may wonder: what good can come of these prophetic messages? Why should anyone have to live under such anxiety?

I remind you, Jesus warned Jerusalem of sudden devastation to come upon that city. It was going to be burned to the ground, with over a million people murdered. Christ explained his warning: “I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe” (John 14:29). He was saying, in essence, “When it happens, you’ll know there is a God who loves you and forewarned you.”

Paul calls such warnings “light,” insights that expel darkness. He says, in short: “You are children of light, because you know what’s coming in the future. So, when destruction comes, and there’s panic all around, you will have the calm of the Holy Spirit. Something will quicken inside you, and you’ll remember, ‘God warned me.’ This prophecy isn’t a message of wrath to God’s people, but a wakeup call to begin preparing.”

“God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him” (1 Thessalonians 5:9–10). Paul is speaking here of a time of possible destruction. Therefore, he says, “Comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do” (5:11).

In this day of prosperity, nobody wants to hear a message like Isaiah’s. I certainly don’t want to hear it. But we cannot ignore it, because it is here at our door. In such times, Paul says, when we have knowledge that sudden destruction is coming, we are not to tremble or sorrow as the world does. Instead, we are to comfort one another in faith, knowing that God rules over every aspect of our lives.

“Be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation” (5:8). Paul instructs, “Arm yourself with faith. Build up your belief now, before the day comes. Learn your song, and you’ll be able to sing it in your fire.” “Glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel” (Isaiah 24:15).

This is the hope of our most holy faith: our Lord causes a song to come out of the darkest of times. Start now to build up your holy faith in him, and learn to praise his majesty quietly in your heart. When you sing your song, it will strengthen and encourage your brothers and sisters. And it will testify to the world: “Our Lord reigns over the Flood!” ■

Has global war 3.0 already begun unannounced? (Instead of breaking with hegemon USA in their own self-interest, Western regimes seem hellbent to sink aboard the USS Titanic.)

Has global war 3.0 already begun unannounced?

After reaching peak power and influence post-WW II, hegemon USA has been declining.

Offshored to low-wage countries, its once mighty industrial base no longer exists.

China, Russia and India have been growing in prominence on the world stage as hegemon USA and European vassal states decline.

Instead of industrial goods, the US mainly produces debt and wars on invented enemies.

According to analyst Jeff Thomas, “the last play of a dying empire (is launching a) major war…to buy time.”

At this time, China-led Asia is rising.

Non-Western countries like oil-rich Saudi Arabia are increasingly trading with Asian nations at the expense of the empire of lies and forever wars.

By allying with hegemon USA’s war on Russia by hot and other means, Britain and EU nations are in economic decline, what appears irreversible as long as they continue their self-destructive course.

Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) once said the following:

“There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.”

“The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

Over a decade ago, economist Michael Hudson explained the following:

“The (US) economy reached its debt limit and is entering its insolvency phase.”

“We are not in a cycle but (at) the end of an era.”

“The old world of debt pyramiding to a fraudulent degree cannot be restored,” only delayed to postpone a painful day of reckoning.

Economist Hyman Minsky (1919 – 1996) slammed what he called “Ponzi finance.”

And this from Russian academic, Igor Panarin, years earlier, saying:

US/Western “economic and moral collapse” is inevitable.

He compared the US to the Titanic after hitting an iceberg.

Political scientist, Emmanuel Todd predicted Soviet Russia’s dissolution in 1976.

In his 2002 book, titled: “After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order,” he noted the following:

US militarism and forever wars show weakness, not strength.

America is parasitic, relying on voluntary or extracted “tributes” from exploited states.

Global terrorism is perpetrated by the US in pursuit of its imperial aims.

China, Russia, India and other nations reject US adventurism.

It reflects terminal corruption, decay and eventual demise.

The US relies on debt, consumption and imports with its industrial base relocated offshore.

If debt expansion and capital inflows cease, the dollar is doomed as the world’s reserve currency.

Before the euro became official EU currency on January 1, 1999, British economist Bernard Connolly called the combination of dissimilar countries under one monetary/fiscal system a harebrained idea doomed to fail, saying:

The scheme combines “duplicity, skullduggery, conflict (and) economic harm” to nations under the control of Brussels.

“(I)ncreasing globalization of economic activity and mobility of production has been purposely implemented in such a way as to render already destroyed ‘nation-state(s)’ meaningless entit(ies) in economic terms.”  

Days earlier, Jeff Thomas said the following:

“The EU is already on the ropes.”

“It was a misconceived experiment from the start and has now begun to splinter.”

“Although no major breakup has begun, the rot is already beyond any possible salvage, and the dictates of Brussels are encountering refusals by some member countries.”

It’s just a matter of time before the ill-conceived project dissolves. 

It erringly hitched its wagon to the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

And by so doing, hastened its demise.

Most EU nations are NATO members.

Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Finland and Sweden are exceptions to the rule — the latter two countries in process of joining the war-making alliance.

On Monday, NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly adopted a nonbinding resolution.

In support of Ukrainian Nazis, representatives of its member regimes falsely called Russia a “terrorist” state (sic), adding:

The pro-war/anti-peace alliance should “accelerat(e) deliveries of weapons…for as long as it takes for Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) to prevail.”

While the resolution is unrelated to NATO policy, a state of war exists between the alliance for perpetual war-making and nonthreatening Russia.

The empire of lies and forever wars is militantly hostile toward nations free from its hegemonic control.

While unlikely, the risk of possible nuclear war is greater today than ever before throughout the post-WW II period.

Thomas believes that the only remaining option for the empire of lies is major war, adding:

“(L)ike a cornered rat, it will make a last attempt to take down as many others as it can on its way out.”

“That should give us pause.”

“Those who wish to avoid becoming collateral damage as the behemoth falls would be advised to extricate themselves, economically and even geographically, from the dying empire.”

Instead of breaking with hegemon USA in their own self-interest, Western regimes seem hellbent to sink aboard the USS Titanic.