Soaring Made-in-the-USA Inflation (Since the 2008 financial crisis, trillions of dollars pumped up stock prices to the make super-rich and rich interests throughout the West and elsewhere richer than ever.)

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon of too much money chasing too few goods.

It’s the result of the Wall Street owned and operated Federal Reserve’s money printing madness.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, trillions of dollars pumped up stock prices to the make super-rich and rich interests throughout the West and elsewhere richer than ever.

Corporate bosses also used Fed created money for large-scale stock buybacks to elevate their valuations.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes exacerbated things by imposing unparalleled numbers of sanctions on the Russia Federation.

While adversely affecting its economy, European nations were more greatly harmed.

US policymakers didn’t consider how largely self-sufficient Russia is able to withstand the impact of Western sanctions.

Besides seeking to cause maximum harm to its enterprises and people, the Biden regime wants European economies adversely affected to benefit corporate America.

That’s how predatory capitalism works, exploiting other nations and vast majority of people everywhere to benefit the privileged few.

The latest US CPI showed inflation to be higher than expected.

It’s not the phony year-over-year 9.1% reported on July 13. 

As calculated pre-1990 before the formula was rigged to appear much lower than reality, it’s around 17.3% — the highest level in over 75 years, what’s unlikely to ease any time soon.

It’s not “Putin’s price hike” as the fake Biden and those propping up his illegitimacy falsely claim.

Inflation has nothing to do with Russia’s liberating SMO.

As establishment economist Milton Friedman explained long ago:

“Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.”

And this from Friedman:

“If you listen to people in Washington, (they’ll) tell you that inflation is produced by greedy businessmen, or it’s produced by grasping unions, or it’s produced by spendthrift consumers, or maybe, it’s those terrible Arab sheikhs who are producing it.”

“(N)one of (the above) produce inflation” because they don’t have a money-producing printing press like the Fed.

As long as there’s most money printed than things to buy, prices are pressured to rise.

The way to cool inflation is by slowing the rate of money creation.

Things have gotten so out-of-control in the US, UK and EU that most likely a stiff protracted economic downturn alone can get inflation under control.

According to analyst Doug Casey, annual US deficits are from one to two trillion.

The only way to finance them is by selling excess debt to the Fed.

And the only way it can do it is by continued money printing in amounts needed.

The Fed is the only major buyer of US debt — notably since the Biden regime confiscated around $330 of the amount held by Russia.

The handwriting on the wall should have been apparent much earlier earlier.

Nations concerned about being treated like Russia and others thinking they may be targeted one day are selling US debt, not buying it.

When the Fed buys government debt, “it monetizes (it) by crediting the federal government’s accounts with commercial banks with newly created dollars,” Casey explained.

Currency inflation pushes prices higher.

The fault is home-grown.

When occurs, currency depreciation is economically devastating.

The rich can handle adverse economic and financial conditions.

Ordinary people are harmed most.

Fed chairman and Treasury secretary Yellen are wrong.

Current US inflation isn’t “transitory.”

It’s deep-seated and not easing any time soon.

Casey believes it became “a permanent structure.”

“The state needs…massive (amounts of money creation) and credit to feed itself and its minions.”

Deep-seated inflation isn’t going away easily or soon in the US, UK or EU.

Hard times getting harder will be the bane of ordinary people throughout the US/West for some time to come.

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