Why Preppers and Survivalists Prefer to Be the ‘Gray Man’ If the SHTF

When you need immediate assistance, overt actions reign supreme. Screaming, waving your arms for attention can be the difference between life and death. Most of the other moments require a little more subtlety. This is where the gray man survival theory comes in.

A lot of attention in the community of preppers and survivalists is spent on self-defense and crime and home defense, since we know from other countries that have experienced economic collapse that crime skyrockets.

A term that you will hear that describes the favorite strategy of the more experienced preppers and survivalists is “Gray Man.” This describes the technique of blending in to your background and being very unnoticeable.

While the younger, more inexperienced preppers and survivalists may brag about their guns, knives and self-defense strategies, it is far wiser to avoid a conflict than to have to be in a position to figure out how to come out on top.

The Gray Man never talks about his preps with people who are outside his immediate circle of trusted family and friends. He doesn’t want to draw any attention to himself. While he may plan to be very generous and share supplies with others when the “Sewage Hits The Fan” (SHTF), he will ensure that it is on his terms. The last thing he wants is a bunch of people coming to him begging, or worse yet, demanding help.

The Gray Man plan isn’t just employed from a “strategic” standpoint, but also a tactical standpoint. In everyday encounters after a crisis hits, the Gray Man plans to be very inconspicuous. He never wears the coolest, high-priced tactical gear, as that just attracts attention from the bad guys who are sure to notice and decide that he is a good target for expensive stuff to rob.

In his daily life, the Gray Man wants to wear nothing, say nothing and do nothing that would cause anyone to remember him. This is actually a strategy employed by many salesmen who do in-home sales calls. They would never wear a button for a political candidate, as that might turn off people from the opposing party and he risks losing a sale. Nothing he wears or does or talks about should draw attention to anything but his product / service and further the sales process.

When the salesman leaves the house, the majority of the people he has visited shouldn’t even remember what he was wearing. If they remember that he was wearing $500 alligator shoes, that was a distraction.

So it isn’t only that you don’t want to wear expensive or tactical clothes in an SHTF scenario where you are trying to employ the Gray Man persona. You don’t even want to wear a jersey from a particular football team or anything but bland, unremarkable clothing.

By not sticking out, whether in their lifestyle every day or in how they may make a trip outside their home in a tough situation, the preppers and survivalists who employ Gray Man are the least likely to have to worry about getting into a sticky situation.

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Human Life Will Be Unrecognizable (According to FEMA whistle blower Celeste Solum, left, Americans have been cast in the role of Jews in Nazi Germany and will meet the same fate.)

According to FEMA whistle blower Celeste Solum, left, Americans have been cast in the role of Jews in Nazi Germany and will meet the same fate. 
Global governance means we’ll have to play by a “totally new set of rules.”

If Celeste Solum is right, we are in much worse trouble than we think. She comes from an Illuminati background and worked as a FEMA planner for 20 years. So she is in a position to know.
Her horrifying vision is the darkest you will find. I cannot confirm that it will transpire but this may be a case of “forewarned is forearmed.” Prepare for “a world of hurt.”
She doesn’t write so I couldn’t find a text to repost. Instead she gives interviews to people like Mike Adams, Dave Hodges and David Icke. I listened to a few and provide some of her claims:


With robotics, most human beings have become redundant to the Illuminati. When there are famines and power blackouts, people will stream to “reception centers” (at Costco’s and Walmarts of all places?) where they will be interned and sent to concentration camps where they will be gassed or guillotined.  The goal is to offload 90% of the population.

Covid tests are intended to collect your DNA. The vaccines contain aborted fetus stem cellsand human proteins that have been bred in plants and mice (“a human in a mouse suit.”) They also contain “hydrogels” – nanoparticles that permanently fuse with your tissue, that connect with a 5G computer network that “monitor your health” at all times and determine if you can go to work or buy food. 
Speaking of food, meat will be phased out and concentration camp rations –“micronutrients” — introduced for the general public. There will be no “going to the supermarket.” We will not be allowed “to take anything from nature” and must downsize to half our carbon footprint. If we live in a mansion, we must move to a bungalow. (I know it sounds crazy.) 
 FEMA estimates only 3% of gun owners will resist gun confiscation by force. 

 They are making an inventory of everything of material value. All private property “will be federalized.” 
CRACKPOT?It is tempting to dismiss Solum as a crackpot and a fear monger. There were many red flags. She tends to exaggerate, claiming she grows 500 varieties of tomatoes on her farm in Montana and there are “seven million drones” monitoring us. She places a lot of emphasis on cosmic changes: “2000 year cycles’; “the sun has gone silent” and the “magnetosphere” has weakened. We are in the “end times.” She claims that a second Wuhan virus was released- a “plant destroyer” that decimated her orchards in Montana. 


On the other hand, consider her message in the context of what is actually happening. Trillions have been spent and millions of lives have been disrupted or destroyed for a virus that has a .25% mortality rate. 68,000 Britons have been fined for lockdown breeches. A young couple was terrorized by 12-man SWAT team who thought they were having a party. An 82-year-old grannie was watching TV in bed when police arrived to warn her about having tea in her garden with two friends earlier that day.  A Michigan restaurant owner was led away in shackles after publicly warning Americans they were being enslaved. 
Make up your own mind. But my view is prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

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According to Rasmussen survey results: Only 33% of “likely US voters” support another run for the White House by the fake Biden. (Growing Public Awareness About Death from Kill Shots)

According to Rasmussen survey results:

Only 33% of “likely US voters” support another run for the White House by the fake Biden.

“Most voters believe congressional elections are rigged to protect incumbents, and nearly half (49%) think a group of people randomly selected from the phone book could do a better job addressing the nation’s problems than the current Congress.”

Only 36% of “likely US voters” believe that the US is heading in the right direction.

Nearly half of respondents (49%) believe that kill shots are responsible for “many unexplained deaths.”

And over one-fourth of respondents (28%) know someone jabbed who “died suddenly.”

I’m one of them.

A jabbed neighbor I’ve known for years in his mid-50s on the floor of my residential building died suddenly in unexplained fashion about a year ago.

I strongly believe that toxins in one or more flu/covid jabs took him and others in my building.

According to Rasmussen survey results, 56% of US adults “have concerns about (mass-jabbing) side effects.”

Nearly one-third of this group (31%) are very concerned.

Last month, former NBA star, John Stockton, said the following:

“I think it’s pretty much on record.”

“There’s 150, I think it’s now over 100 professional athletes dead.”

Jabbed “(p)rofessional athletes, in the prime of their life, dropping dead right on the field of play, right on the field, right on the court.”

“I had the proof in my hands, the piece of paper with the names.”

“I think it’s in the thousands now.”

“Don’t quote me on that one.”

“I’m not saying 1,000, but it might be. It’s a big number.”

Sheryl Reuttgers, wife of former NFL lineman, Ken Reuttgers, suffered severe neurological injury four days after being jabbed with Moderna’s kill shot.

Her symptoms include muscle pain, numbness, weakness and paresthesia (abnormal burning, prickling, pins and needles feeling in the skin).

The following publications drew the same conclusion about kill shots, calling them “fundamentally dangerous,” including:

The Manitowoc WI Herald Times Reporter

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Marshfield WI News Herald

Michigan Daily Tribune

Stevens Point WI Journal 

WI’s Point-Crescent

The Sheboygan WI Press

The (suburban Chicago) Reporter, and

The Wausau WI Daily Herald

Former 5-time Emmy Award winning sports commentator, Michele Tafoya, was ridiculed for interviewing a physician who explained the safety and effectiveness of hydroxychoroquine for treating flu/covid.

Last November, Newsmax replaced its White House reporter, Emerald Robinson, for tweeting the following:

Flu/covid jabs “contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked.”

A Newsmax statement defied reality as follows, saying:

The cable TV and online news organization “is a strong proponent that (flu/covid jabs) are over-archingly safe and effective (sic).”

Indisputable evidence proved otherwise.

After being taken off-air by Newsmax and banned by Twitter censorship in cahoots with Biden regime dark forces, My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, hired Robinson for his online LindellTV show.

In response to NFL player Damar Hamlin’s Monday night collapse on the field from cardiac arrest after making a routine tackle, Robinson said the following:

“Everybody knows what happened to Damar Hamlin because it happened to too many athletes around the world since (flu/covid mass-jabbing) was required in sports.”

Earlier articles explained that hundreds of young, well-conditioned jabbed professional and amateur athletes in good health collapsed and died suddenly while competing.

Commenting on the issue, former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases, Dr. Michael Yeadon, earlier said the following:

“Adversely affected “sports people are being injured and killed by” toxic flu/covid jabs. 

“Young people are (virtually risk-free from harm by) this virus and also are poor at passing it on.” 

“There is (absolutely) NO REASON why these people” should be jabbed.

It’s (because of) pressure from their clubs and leagues that made them comply.”

Compliance cost them their lives.

There’s no ambiguity about how toxic kill shots destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed, their life span shortened.

Some perish straightaway or in a matter of days or weeks.

Many experience life-changing disability and painful symptoms.

Never was it more crucial to just say no if urged or required to be jabbed.

If already jabbed, permit no more.

Indisputable evidence proved that there’s nothing remotely safe and effective about health-destroying kill shots.

Claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies.

It’s why shunning them is crucial to protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose.

A Final Comment

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted the following in response to Damar Hamlin’s Monday night collapse, saying:

“If I were a (jabbed) player I’d consider not playing or, in the least, demanding equipment that provides increased chest protection.”

“The NFL pushed (flu/covid jabs) on its players.”

“When will the league investigate whether…myocarditis…side-effect (from jabs) is impacting players — such as making them more susceptible to game-related severe heart injuries?

And this from Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Damar Hamlin’s collapse, saying:

“(W)hy (did he have) a heart attack on a football field?”

He was…receiving CPR when self-described (MSM) medical experts…people with no medical ethics…use(d) his tragic life-threatening injuries as an opportunity to spread still more propaganda about” flu/covid jabs.

They “l(ied) (claiming that) it could not have been the shot.”

Carlson interviewed noted cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, on Hamlin’s collapse.

A previous day’s article quoted his assessment, saying the following:

“I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist, and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest.”

“I communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world, and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin.”

“If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the (flu/covid jabs), then subclinical (jab)-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis.”

“We (were) told he was successfully defibrillated on the field, has been intubated, and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy.”

McCullough earlier said the following:

The official flu/covid “narrative crumbled.”

“The (jabs) should be pulled off the market.”

“They clearly” don’t work as claimed.

“The data” disproved the fabricated official narrative.

“American’s know who is giving them the straight story.”

It’s clearly not US dark forces or Pharma profiteers. 

And “(i)f Americans decide that they’re not going to take any more (jabs), it doesn’t matter how many mandates or how many court decisions happen.”

Defeating the fabricated official narrative is “just a matter of saying no.”

It’s “the quickest way to get out of this.”

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NFL’s Damar Hamlin: Kill Shot Victim?

After seasonal flu was deceptively renamed covid with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, professional and college sports went along with the mother of all state-sponsored scams — including the NFL and its players association.

Players, coaches, trainers and other team staff were urged to be jabbed with what’s crucial to shun.

NFL officials earlier claimed that the vast majority of players were jabbed at least once.

In March last year, the NFL and its players association agreed to suspend flu/covid related protocols.

At the same time, teams, their players and staff are required to comply with state and local laws on all things flu/covid related.

And “(a)ll individuals must continue to monitor themselves for symptoms on a daily basis prior to entering the club facility.”

On Monday night, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, aged-24, collapsed on the field from cardiac arrest after making a routine tackle.

A medical emergency when occurs, this condition happens when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood to the brain and other vital bodily organs.

If not treated immediately and expertly, cardiac arrest is life-threatening.

After getting to his feet, he collapsed backwards, received CPR, then was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he’s sedated in critical condition.

I watched a replay of his tackle and collapse, not the game before its suspension. 

It made painful viewing with knowledge of his critical condition.

Eminent scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, was one of the first medical experts to warn that flu/covid mass-jabbing is “killing and injuring people across the world.”

Separately, he said that everyone “mad enough” to be jabbed with what’s designed to destroy health should stay alert to signs of potentially serious illness.

And noted cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough earlier called flu/covid jabs “a bioweapon intended to mark and kill you.”

Commenting on Damar Hamlin’s collapse on Monday, McCullough said the following:

“I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist, and I saw blunt neck and chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest.”

“I communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world, and we agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin.”

“If Damar Hamlin indeed took one of the (flu/covid jabs), then subclinical (jab)-induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis.”

“We (were) told he was successfully defibrillated on the field, has been intubated, and is not spontaneously breathing which is consistent with anoxic encephalopathy.”

“The nation prays for his complete recovery.”

And this from flu/covid consultant researcher/clinical epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Alexander and cardiologist, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, on Hamlin’s collapse:

“ ‘Dying just before dawn’ we said is due to catecholamines.”

“Do not be surprised if this is due to (one or more) flu/covid jab(s), damage to the myocardium & with the dopamine/epinephrine surge, the heart cannot take stress.”

And this from Health Ranger Mike Adams:

“How long can they cover up (mass-jabbing) deaths?”

“Monday Night Football broadcast (on national television) a LIVE ‘sudden collapse’ tragedy affecting a Buffalo Bills player who apparently is unable to breathe on his own at this point.”

“This never used to happen before the jab rollout.”

“Now it’s happening every week on sporting fields.”

“No wonder 49% of Americans now believe (flu/covid jabs) killed someone they know (according to a Rasmussen survey).”

“Watching (state-sponsored) genocide (live) in real time” (on national television) is very” disturbing.

It’s hopefully a wakeup call for countless millions of mind-manipulated individuals to realize that mass-jabbing is all about destroying health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.   

A Final Comment

Hamlin’s collapse from apparent cardiac arrest on the field is getting widespread attention because he’s a professional NFL player.

Since toxic mass-jabbing began over two years ago, countless millions died or suffered serious adverse events, including permanent disability.

Yet despite indisputable evidence linking jabs to public health destruction, MSM pretend not to notice.

Instead of calling for a halt to mass-jabbing, they actively promote the mother of all state-sponsored, health-destroying scams.

Reporting on Hamlin’s collapse, the NYT was silent about flu/covid jabbing as a possible cause of what happened, instead saying the following:

“Hamlin’s was the latest of a slew of high-profile injuries this season that have prompted fresh criticism of the NFL over player safety (sic).”

Commonplace football injuries and health destruction from toxic flu/covid jabs are worlds apart.

While it’s unclear if Hamlin was jabbed for flu/covid, social media are alive with remarks like the following:

“I’m at the twitter command center right now, and I can tell you that black people are MAD about Damar Hamlin and what the (jab) did to this young king.”

“Don’t take the” jab. 

“Don’t take any more boosters if you’ve already been” jabbed. 

“Damar Hamlin and many others have had issues.”

“They will lie and say it’s something else.”

“It’s not, it’s the” jab.

“The number of sudden collapses and deaths will continue to increase.”

“Damar Hamlin is another number in a very long statistic of the (unsafe)safe and effective DNA altering MRNA” jabs.

If Hamlin survives his life-threatening ordeal, his professional playing days are likely over — almost before they began as a 2nd-year NFL defensive back for the Buffalo Bills.

And note the following:

According to court-ordered release of internal Pfizer documents, the firm knew in advance about the health-destroying hazards of its jabs.

So did the Pharma-controlled HHS, CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, as well as Fauci, Walensky, other anti-public health fraudsters and most likely other kill shot producers.

Yet they, fellow conspirators, kill shot producers, the overall medical/industrial complex and their MSM press agents remain unaccountable for unparalleled/industrial scale mass-murder — what continues unabated.

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The First 11 Types of Medical Equipment Dependencies and What You Can Do To Prepare (Oftentimes, those that are dependent on medical equipment feel the most vulnerable in the aftermath of an emergency or when the electrical grid is unpredictable. This is especially the case for those whose life is dependent on a continual source of power.)

Oftentimes, those that are dependent on medical equipment feel the most vulnerable in the aftermath of an emergency or when the electrical grid is unpredictable. This is especially the case for those whose life is dependent on a continual source of power. While the elderly population is the first to come to mind in this situation, it is not the only part of the population that could be affected.

Those that rely on electricity-dependent medical equipment to stay alive include:

  • Power wheelchairs or mobility devices
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Prescriptions that need to be kept at a certain temperature
  • Infusions, intravenous equipment, and feeding equipment
  • Chair lifts
  • Communication devices
  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP and other sleep apnea devices
  • Suction pumps used by individuals with difficulty swallowing
  • Dialysis machines

While this list is not exhaustive, it shows that people of all ages who have a myriad of different afflictions could be affected.

Being without some of these devices for as little as a few minutes or more could be life-threatening

It is essential to understand that following a large-scale emergency, first responders are inundated with emergency calls and may not be able to reach a person in need in a timely manner. No one wants to see their loved one suffer!

If you are a caretaker, spouse or family member who has a loved one or friend dependent on electricity-dependent medical equipment the single most important step one can take is to prepare for the likelihood of being without power. Having a checklist to guide you and help you organize needed supplies and equipment will keep you on track. Moreover, checking this list every 6 months to ensure all items are accounted for and ready are vital.

Essential preparedness needs to support those on electricity-dependent medical equipment

There are multiple types of emergencies that can cause a grid failure: natural or manmade disasters, hacking, faults at power stations, damage to electric transmission lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system, a short circuit, cascading failure, or a fuse or circuit breaker operation. Being that all of these causes are out of your hands and could happen at any time, it is paramount that you prepare beforehand.

For battery dependent devices

  1. Have extra batteries charged and ready to go for durable medical equipment that requires rechargeable batteries. Regularly check back up equipment to ensure it will function appropriately in an emergency.
  2. Have alternate ways to charge batteries (such as using a USB adapter to charge batteries via a car).
  3. Make sure all equipment is labeled and that caregivers or family know how to operate it.
  4. Individuals who use battery-dependent communication devices should have an alternate method for communication readily available.

Talk to a healthcare provider about non-electricity dependent alternatives for the equipment listed above or ways to conserve equipment. For example:

  1. Individuals who use ventilators should keep a resuscitation bag available.
  2. Individuals who use nebulizers may be able to use inhalers with spacers, which don’t require a power supply.
  3. A doctor may recommend an oxygen user set equipment to reduce flow in order to conserve the supply and extend the life of the system.

As well, the stability of drugs can also be a factor if they need to be refrigerated.

  1. Use an evaporative cooler to keep prescription drugs cool.
  2. According to Diabetes Management, “If you do not have an evaporative cooler, for the first day of a power outage, you can keep medications cool in the freezer (although you should unplug it because it will freeze your medications if power is restored).
  3. Or you can use an insulated bag or lunchbox with a cold pack, ice, or frozen food from the freezer.” A Frio bag would be a valuable investment for keeping medications cold in an off-grid event. This is a reusable evaporative cooler whose cooling properties come from the evaporation of water. When activated, it keeps its temperature under 78F for a minimum of two days, even in temperatures of 100°F. This can keep insulin, and many other temperature-sensitive medications, cool and safe. As well, because it is lightweight and compact, it would be perfect for emergency kits and bug out bags.

Other considerations

Additionally, having an alternate power source on standby like a generator that can power medical equipment in off-grid situations would ensure a readily available power source in times of need. As well, talk to local electrical companies about programs available to help people with disabilities in emergency situations who are power-dependent. Many utility companies maintain a database of “priority people” who need power restored as soon as possible, and individuals with disabilities can sign up for this.

First responders can also use the US Department of Health and Human Services emPOWER website to locate individuals in the community who use electricity-dependent devices. The HHS emPOWER Map is updated monthly and allows responders to identify priorities in recovery and response efforts by displaying the total number of at-risk electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiaries in a geographic area, down to the zip code.

Preparing beforehand for times of off-grid events is the best way to keep your loved one safe. As always, make a list of needs and resources, check essential equipment, organize and plan accordingly. The time will come when you put the plan to action and the more organized it is, the easier the transition into the emergency will be.

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“Shadow Government” And Their Agenda- Our nation is in for times of massive unrest that were being plotted as early as 2015 and will continue until the “global agenda” pursued by George Soros and his allies is implemented.

America – the greatest nation on earth – is currently facing unprecedented times of social unrest, and dare I say, this is just the beginning.

Regardless of who presides over the nation, we should always be aware of the so-called “shadow government” and their agenda. And mark my words: Our nation is in for times of massive unrest that were being plotted as early as 2015 and will continue until the “global agenda” pursued by George Soros and his allies is implemented.  The coming out-of-control riots may lead to a call for Martial Law, as I will explain.

America has been preparing for massive social uprisings for a very long time (a quick research on the topic will reveal this truth). What I am about to tell you next might come as a surprise for some of you, but most of the things that we experience are being manufactured.

Never in my lifetime have I seen America so divided.

Our politicians and the mainstream media have been endlessly pitting various groups against one another for years, and everywhere you look, hearts are growing very cold.


Trump’s victory has come as a surprise for many, but if we consider the new state of play of the world, where the economic crisis has led to global divisions driving, thus, a return to national interests over the global ones, voting for Trump has been the obvious choice. During difficult times, we must safeguard the values and interests of the American people. But manufacturing nation-wide protests during confusing times may be just what some might wish for in order to divide and destabilize the country in exchange for the ability to control us at all times. In case we don’t comply with their “desires” we will face dire consequences, as the infamous Zbigniew Brzezinski, the imperialist/globalist/war-monger and former policy advisor to Obama, said:

“Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people”.

After some extensive research on the matter, I am inclined to affirm that what we’re currently experiencing is just the beginning, and the protests are rapidly turning into violent riots. Although many commentators are claiming that martial law will not be declared, we can never be sure of what is being planned for us.

Did you know that if martial law is declared, Trump will be prevented from taking office?

Returning to the fact that Soros is behind most of the protesters’ actions, we must acknowledge that the fundamental reason for inciting violence is to create favorable circumstances for the President to legitimately institute martial law if the riots continue on the same path. This is how it will work:

  • The current protests are spreading rapidly, and when there is an increase in both violence and numbers, this movement will inevitably grow into a national riot.
  • If needed, due to extensive clashes, martial law will be declared. Therefore, when this happens, Trump will not be able to take office because Obama will stay in power for however long is necessary until the “National State of Emergency” has passed (Bernstein), (AMBELLAS). There is a good chance that this has been the back-up plan for some liberals all along (as mentioned earlier, there’s proof the protests are being staged) in order to further advance the globalist agenda that has been denied by our President-elect Trump.

So, here’s a glimpse of how life will be when martial law comes into effect:

  • Everything we own can become federal property (especially guns and food stockpiles, which will be the first to be confiscated).martial-law-usa
  • Curfews will be the new normal, while groups of armed men and women will patrol the streets at all times.
  • Access to food, water and other resources will be rationed. If your life depends on a daily dose of medication, you should start storing it in advance.
  • There will be sky-high inflation, and with a national debt of almost $20 trillion, the stage is set to sky-rocket a new financial crisis that will make the 1930s Depression look like a walk in the park.
  • Everyone will be considered suspicious. A short chit-chat with your neighbor about the “wrong” things can put your life on the line.
  • There will be no access to free Internet, while free press and the freedom of speech will be things of the past

The 6 Golden Rules of Surviving Martial Law

Prepper or no prepper, these are the 6 Golden Rules to follow if martial law comes to your town:

     1. First and foremost, talk with no one and trust no one.

Although the clear majority of preppers are already set to outlast any scenario that cuts them off from all the common supply lines, we must remember that under martial Law, everything that we own is able to become government property. Therefore, do not tell people about your supplies or secret hide-outs. I know it’s hard not to brag about your preps, but be careful to whom you’re talking

     2. Always renew your supplies and make sure you have a “basic martial law survival kit.”

A basic martial law survival kit would imply the following: electricity generator, water filters or even water generators (H2O Dynamo), weapons, food supplies for six months, first aid supplies, clothing for any type of weather, a flashlight, batteries, radio gear, and navigation equipment. Of course, you’ll need these if you want to stay put. If you want to go outside and face the music…that’s a different story.

     3. Avoid getting in the way of law enforcement or the military.

Even though some would advise that we be resilient to any violations of your constitutional rights, which, by the way, will be justified under martial law, the best survival tactics are to keep your cool and think before you react. You can always choose to fight back. These two options – bugging in or bugging out – will cause you to probably face the hardest decision of your life.

     4. Tune in and be up to date with the news.

It is crucial to stay informed and keep in touch with whomever you consider important. Every media outlet, as well as the Internet, will be controlled by the federal government, and you will not have access to any other information except what is being communicated by the state. Although this might be upsetting, you still need to know what is going to happen so you can be prepared for any situation.

     5. Cautiously develop a survival network.

Establishing a survival network would be an excellent idea considering the fact that we can never know for how long martial law will be imposed. Consequently, setting up a diverse group of preppers will ensure your long-term survival. But make sure you keep a low profile so that you and your group will not be targeted as perpetrators.

     6. Inspect and know your surroundings by heart.

You should be able to visualize your home turf even in your sleep. Ideally, you would also have a safe room. Make sure you have a blueprint of your area where you mark the closest escape routes, develop the quickest itinerary to a safe haven, and formulate the best and safest evacuation strategy.

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The Risk of Nuclear Armageddon

All things related to Russia and Ukraine were made-in-the-USA.

Puppet Zelensky — a detached from reality buffoon — was a US creation, installed as an empire of lies front man for perpetual war on Russia.

Ignored by the fake Biden, US lawmakers and their MSM press agents is the growing risk of greater direct confrontation than already between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

On Christmas Day, Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, warned of the growing risk, stressing:

“The only thing that stops stops our enemies (so far) is the understanding that Russia will be guided by (its publicly stated doctrine of) nuclear deterrence.” 

If there’s “a real threat (to the nation’s security), we will act” in self-defense as international law allows.

US-dominated Western regimes are teetering “between a burning desire to maximally humiliate, dismember and destroy Russia, on the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse, on the other.”

Unless Russia’s security is guaranteed, things will “teeter on the brink of World War III and nuclear catastrophe.”

Is the dominant criminal class in the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis “ready…to unleash a full-fledged war against us, including a nuclear war?”

There’s “no one” in the West or Kiev for Moscow to “negotiate” with.

“Our world (ominously) changed, forever.”

“And the main question remains…what kind of future begins today?”

“New disarmament agreements are currently unrealistic and unnecessary.”

“(N)ormaliz(ation) requires guaranteed security for Russia, a notion the empire of lies rejects.

And wherever its ruling regimes go, Western vassal states follow, even at the expense of their own security and other vital interests.

Last month, Medvedev slammed the scourge of perpetual NATO aggression, saying that Russia is “capable of destroying a mighty enemy or alliances of enemies by ourselves.”

And he stressed that Russia “is forming (a) new equitable world order” with peace, stability and cooperative relations among nations its cornerstone principles.

Commenting on the degrading spectacle of “the detestable (Ukrainian) warmongering clown” at the White House and before Congress last week, David Stockman denounced his recitation of “lies and hideously false promises” on bended knee for more US handouts — “even as its soldiers…are being slaughtered in their hundreds of thousands” for a lost cause.

US-orchestrated, directed and funded cross-border war began after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev — by replacing a “duly elected Russian-friendly president” with the scourge of Nazism in central Europe.

Separately on Christmas Day, Vladimir Putin stressed the following:

“(P)olicies of our geopolitical opponents, aimed at splitting up Russia, are at the roots of Ukrainian conflict.”

“We are ready to negotiate with all participants to this process (to find) acceptable resolutions, but it is their business.”

“It is them and not us who refuse to negotiate.”

“(W)e are acting in the right direction.”

“We protect our national interests, interests of our citizens, our people.”

“And we have no choice but to protect” them.

And this on Monday from Russia’s upper house Federation Council Deputy Speaker, Konstantin Kosachev, stressing the following:

“Two things are enshrined in all of Ukraine’s military doctrines.”

“The first one is gaining NATO membership and the second is using new opportunities to return the territories the country lost.”

“This creates the prospect for a military attack and use of military force against our country not only by Ukraine but by the entire (US-dominated Western) bloc.”

“It is an absolutely unacceptable threat.”

“All possible and impossible means will be employed to nip it in the bud.”

Separately on Monday, Russian air defenses downed a Ukrainian UAV as it approached a Saratov region military base, located 900 km from the regime’s border.

In foiling its terrorist attack, three Russian service personnel were killed from falling debris.

The attack and earlier similar ones were orchestrated by the empire of lies.

At a time when US-dominated NATO regimes are escalating war on Russia, the risk of unthinkable nuclear war is greatly heightened by accident or design.

And make no mistake.

If occurs, it’ll be made-in-the-USA by its dominant criminal class.

Official US bipartisan policy asserts the unilateral right to use first strike nuclear or conventional weapons against invented enemies.

In response to the ominous threat, Vladimir Putin earlier stressed the following:

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will without doubt use all available means to protect Russia and our people.”

“This is not a bluff.”

The UN Charter affirms the right of self-defense.

It prohibits preemptive use of force, what aggression is all about.

The post-WW II Nuremberg trials condemned it as the supreme international crime.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court defined it as “the planning, preparation, initiation or execution, by a person in a position effectively to exercise control over or to direct the political or military action of a state, of an act of aggression which…constitutes a manifest violation of the Charter of the UN.”

Yet time and again pre-and-post-WW II, hegemon USA preemptively attacked other nations, ones posing no international threat.

If greater war than already occurs between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, they’ll be no ambiguity about which nation bears full responsibility.

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Sick Society (It’s waging genocidal war by kill shots to eliminate billions of unwanted people by falsely pretending that health-destroying jabs protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose.)

The nation I grew up in long ago poses an unparalleled menace to everyone at home and worldwide.

Count the ways.

It’s waging genocidal war by kill shots to eliminate billions of unwanted people by falsely pretending that health-destroying jabs protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose.

Pittsburgh Steelers hall of fame running back, Franco Harris, most likely was the latest high-profile casualty.

Two days before the 50th anniversary of his memorable divisional playoff game-winning “immaculate reception,” he died suddenly at age-72.

While no cause of death was given, Harris was the latest in a long line of current and former athletes to die unexpectedly despite appearing to be in good health.

Along with other current and former professional athletes, including NFL alumni, Harris promoted kill shots for the Pharma-controlled CDC.

He was part of a community outreach and promotional campaign to convince maximum numbers of people to be jabbed and multi-jabbed.

Last summer, NFL Alumni CEO, Beasely Reece, said the following in pushing kill shots:

“We may be in the proverbial ‘red zone,’ but the fight isn’t over.” 

“We hope that voices of our NFL alumni will help inspire people who have not yet been (jabbed) to explore their concerns with a health care professional, get the facts and decide to protect themselves and others (sic).”

The health-destroying campaign includes public (dis)serve announcements by former professional athletes nationwide, including NFL hall of famers.

Along with Harris now gone, they include Derrick Brooks, Harry Carson, Cris Carter, Brian Dawkins, Michael Haynes, Howie Long, Anthony Munoz, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, John Randle, Andre Reed, Jerry Rice, Will Shields and Andre Tippett, among others.

Last year, Harris publicly said the following:

“There’s a lot of new challenges that we are facing today and we will continue to face if we don’t get” jabbed (sic).

The CDC uses NFL hall of famers, and other celebrities, to unwittingly promote destruction of public health by kill shots designed for this purpose.

Agency head fraudster, Walensky, earlier said because people may not believe her, “they want to hear (kill shot endorsements) from their (sports) heroes.”

NFL hall of famers are being used to unwittingly promote what’s crucial to shun in a nation at war on its own people and their counterparts worldwide.

Separately, Dec. 21 will long be remembered as a day of infamy for promoting aggression and Nazism at the White House, as well as before a nationally televised joint congressional session in prime time.

The choreographed spectacle featured US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky, a frontman in the former nation-state for perpetual hegemon USA war on Russia by use of expendable regime cannon fodder troops.

A comedian no longer funny, a buffoon devoid of leadership, a hugely corrupted barbarian, a Nazi to the bone war criminal, puppet Zelensky was welcomed by a standing ovation in Congress before beginning his hyperventilating rant “for more than three minutes,” the WSJ reported.

Pledging to achieve “absolute victory” ignored the shattered state of its made-in-the-USA war machine with zero prospect of turning things around.

With him at the White House, the fake Biden once again embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

“I’m honored to welcome you (sic).”

Like MSM fake news reports, the White House imposter falsely called his Washington visit “your first trip outside Ukraine since February (sic).”

During early weeks of Russia’s liberating SMO, puppet Zelensky operated cross-border in Poland while pretending to be in Kiev.

And this perversion of reality by the fake Biden, falsely calling Russia’s defensive SMO “an unprovoked, unjustified, all-out assault on the free people of Ukraine (sic).”

Ignoring the US-installed regime’s tyrannical rule, its abolition of opposition parties, independent media and all things Russian, the fake Biden hyperventilated the following:

“(W)e’ve provided billions of dollars to make sure the (regime) can keep providing basic, fundamental services to the ‘Uranian’ people like healthcare, education, and emergency personnel (sic).”

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, the vast majority of US/Western aid has gone for waging perpetual proxy and direct war on Russia and its people by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Ukrainian cannon fodder troops.

And saying that “Ukraine defied Russia’s expectations at every single turn” ignored the shattered reality of its greatly degraded military from hundreds of thousands of casualties, a lost generation of its youths and the disintegration of the former nation-state. 

Commenting on Wednesday’s humiliating spectacle in Washington, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

“(P)rovocative actions by the (empire of lies) are steadily leading to an escalation, the consequences of which cannot even be imagined.”

Hegemon USA “is fully responsible for unleashing the Ukrainian conflict in 2014.”

“All these years, (US regimes) stubbornly ignored or pretended not to notice inhuman crimes of the Kiev regime against the Russian population in Ukraine.”

Puppet “Zelensky’s visit to the American capital, the talks in Washington showed that neither the (Biden regime or dominant Ukrainian Nazis) are ready for peace.”

“Their focus is on war, on the death of ordinary soldiers, on (using) the Ukrainian regime” in pursuit of US imperial aims. 

“Notions by US (MSM press agents for imperial rampaging) that Russia is not interested in achieving peace are a blatant lie.”

The illegitimate Biden regime, undemocratic Dems and RINOs support perpetual war on invented enemies — while pretending to be for peace, a notion they abhor.

The same goes for democracy as it should be throughout the US/West — what exists in fantasy form, the real thing long ago banned.

And during the holiday season, the spirit of peace and good will is absent at a time of perpetual war with no end of it in prospect.

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The End Is Very Close Now, And Most Americans Have Already Submitted To Their Fate!

“Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking, they want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought, and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.”
~ George Carlin

While loyalty to self and truth is not slavery, allegiance to any country, government, or ruling class is slavery. Inherent in this thinking is the fact that believing or trusting any ruling individual or entity without absolute verification at every level, is the basis for societal destruction at the hands of the few due to blind obedience to falsely claimed authority. Lies and deceit are the tools of tyrants and come in the forms of outright deception to manipulative propaganda. These traits are always evident, but today they are completely overt, as lies and truth are both used in devious ways in order to gain compliance and control.

This can be seen in that a non-existent virus pandemic has been used to instill great fear in the unsuspecting minds of the masses to such an extent, that most have been willing to give up all normalcy and sanity in their lives and the lives of their families. They have due to false trust been duped into behavior that can only be described as psychotic in nature. This has led to voluntary self-imprisonment, isolation, business and job destruction, mask-wearing, travel immobilization, and total lockdowns. It has led to greater sickness, death, and economic devastation as well, all in the name of ‘health security and obedience to power at the expense of all freedom. This should serve as the final valuable lesson learned by even the most common of men because it should be obvious that relying on the state in any capacity whatsoever can only lead to an enslaved society dependent on a master class for its very existence and survival. This of course is what is sought; a communistic based technocratic ‘civilization’ controlled by the few.

Is this country facing the end of time? Are the people in this country oblivious to any reality or truth, or are they simply consumed by ignorance, passivity, cowardice, and mediocrity? Will this onslaught of tyranny by the controlling class and the politicians continue unabated, or will enough wake up in time to stand against the total decimation of their lives, their property, their freedom, and their land? What could possibly motivate the masses to voluntarily accept their own servitude, a servitude that can only lead to their imminent demise? 

Even the most simplistic life forms on this planet possess the basic instinct of self-defense, so why is it that the supposed most intelligent of all living beings can be controlled and brutalized to the point of extinction, without lifting a finger to protect their own interests? Today in America, the people are drowning in a pool of their own blood, while their chosen masters are feasting on the remains.

There is very little time left to change this course we are on today, as this plot toward the great reset of the world is close at hand. In the past when liberty has been threatened, some fought back and won, but most sat back and waited, hoping others would come to their rescue, and save them from themselves. Every time threats have come and gone, there was less freedom and much more control. Each and every tyrannical event brought an assault against liberty that remained long after any so-called ‘return to normal’ was expected.

‘Normal’ has been forever changing, meaning every new normal resulted in less freedom and more authoritarian measures. That is until today, as now we face an end to any freedom and a life of submission and enslavement. Unless and until the current ruling oligarchy is eliminated or weakened to the point of impotence, and by whatever means necessary, the tyranny will run its course until it has total control or the entire system collapses under its own weight.

Throughout history, kingdoms, states, and nations have come and gone. Empires reign, but always eventually fall.  After societal failure, a better system may be in place temporarily, as happened here in this country after the ousting of British rule, but due to power, greed, and weak and complacent populations, the collapse of societies has always been inevitable. This one is no different. The real question is how long will it last?

Considering the ‘assumed’ founding, this nation has only existed for a little over 240 years. Historically speaking, this is a very short time indeed, but the march toward a totalitarian end is near. We are now on the brink of that precipice, with one foot already dangling over the cliff. There will be no return to ‘normal’ or any notion of freedom unless a complete dismantling of this very flawed governing system is forthcoming. That can only happen if a majority of the people not only desire it but also are willing to take any and all risks to regain their own independence.

At this stage, our probable downfall will not be due to the few evil oligarchs that are perpetrating this fraud called a ‘virus pandemic,’ it will be due to a complete abandonment of self-responsibility by the people themselves. This truth has to be acknowledged before any relief is possible. So long as blame is spread wide in order to appease the feeble psyche of the pitiful masses, and no accountability for one’s own life and existence is accepted, then no resolution will be attainable.

We now live in a society that has lost its ability to function without rules. The herd is forever looking to find a master instead of looking to self. So long as this attitude is present in the majority, individual sovereignty will not prevail, and a population of order-takers and rule-followers will be the result. That cannot lead to freedom, but only to complete subjugation of the American people. Five hundred years ago, Étienne de La Boétie wrote (free pdf download) “The Politics of Obedience and The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude.” The people of this country have voluntarily given up their freedom, and in the process have become obedient serfs. In this passage below, he summed up the essence of voluntary slavery through obedient behavior.

“It amazes us to hear accounts of the valor that liberty arouses in the hearts of those who defend it; but who could believe reports of what goes on every day among the inhabitants of some countries, who could really believe that one man alone may mistreat a hundred thousand and deprive them of their liberty? Who would credit such a report if he merely heard it, without being present to witness the event? And if this condition occurred only in distant lands and were reported to us, which one among us would not assume the tale to be imagined or invented, and not really true? Obviously, there is no need of fighting to overcome this single tyrant, for he is automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement: it is not necessary to deprive him of anything, but simply to give him nothing; there is no need that the country makes an effort to do anything for itself provided it does nothing against itself. It is, therefore, the inhabitants themselves who permit, or, rather, bring about, their own subjection, since by ceasing to submit they would put an end to their servitude.”

How many times have Americans criticized those in other lands for allowing tyrants to rule over them without rising up to protect their own liberty? How many times have those in this country condemned totalitarian monsters across the world, and called for them to be removed or killed? How many times have Americans cheered for aggressive war against other nations because they lived under brutal regimes? How many times have Americans bragged about being exceptional, and falsely declared that they are the freest people on earth? How many times has this American population allowed that same tyranny and brutality here at home and done nothing?

I can tell you, most all in this country are voluntarily allowing this takeover today, and are doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Civil disobedience and mass dissent would be enough to quell this onslaught of government lies, carnage, murder, and liberty destruction, but while you condemn others, you sit idle and watch your own freedom taken away without ever lifting a finger to stop it. Shame on all of you who refuse to disobey, and refuse to defend your own freedom!

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US Government Has Killed More Than 20 Million People In 37 “Victim Nations” Since WW2

The “U.S. government” is comprised of a wide variety of different people, many of which are good and decent human beings. So this obviously does not represent everyone who works in the government. More importantly, this does not represent U.S. citizens either, so please do not fall into the trap of defending the crimes of your government, because you feel yourself personally under attack. Identify yourself with integrity, humanity and Truth, not a criminal government or group.

After the catastrophic attacks of September 11 2001 monumental sorrow and a feeling of desperate and understandable anger began to permeate the American psyche. A few people at that time attempted to promote a balanced perspective by pointing out that the United States had also been responsible for causing those same feelings in people in other nations, but they produced hardly a ripple. Although Americans understand in the abstract the wisdom of people around the world empathizing with the suffering of one another, such a reminder of wrongs committed by our nation got little hearing and was soon overshadowed by an accelerated “war on terrorism.”

But we must continue our efforts to develop understanding and compassion in the world. Hopefully, this article will assist in doing that by addressing the question “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” This theme is developed in this report which contains an estimated numbers of such deaths in 37 nations as well as brief explanations of why the U.S. is considered culpable.

The causes of wars are complex. In some instances nations other than the U.S. may have been responsible for more deaths, but if the involvement of our nation appeared to have been a necessary cause of a war or conflict it was considered responsible for the deaths in it. In other words they probably would not have taken place if the U.S. had not used the heavy hand of its power. The military and economic power of the United States was crucial.

This study reveals that U.S. military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars. The Korean War also includes Chinese deaths while the Vietnam War also includes fatalities in Cambodia and Laos.

The American public probably is not aware of these numbers and knows even less about the proxy wars for which the United States is also responsible. In the latter wars there were between nine and 14 million deaths in Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, East Timor, Guatemala, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sudan.

But the victims are not just from big nations or one part of the world. The remaining deaths were in smaller ones which constitute over half the total number of nations. Virtually all parts of the world have been the target of U.S. intervention.

The overall conclusion reached is that the United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.

To the families and friends of these victims it makes little difference whether the causes were U.S. military action, proxy military forces, the provision of U.S. military supplies or advisors, or other ways, such as economic pressures applied by our nation. They had to make decisions about other things such as finding lost loved ones, whether to become refugees, and how to survive.

And the pain and anger is spread even further. Some authorities estimate that there are as many as 10 wounded for each person who dies in wars. Their visible, continued suffering is a continuing reminder to their fellow countrymen.

It is essential that Americans learn more about this topic so that they can begin to understand the pain that others feel. Someone once observed that the Germans during WWII “chose not to know.” We cannot allow history to say this about our country. The question posed above was “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” The answer is: possibly 10,000.

Comments on Gathering These Numbers

Generally speaking, the much smaller number of Americans who have died is not included in this study, not because they are not important, but because this report focuses on the impact of U.S. actions on its adversaries.

An accurate count of the number of deaths is not easy to achieve, and this collection of data was undertaken with full realization of this fact. These estimates will probably be revised later either upward or downward by the reader and the author. But undoubtedly the total will remain in the millions.

The difficulty of gathering reliable information is shown by two estimates in this context. For several years I heard statements on radio that three million Cambodians had been killed under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. However, in recent years the figure I heard was one million. Another example is that the number of persons estimated to have died in Iraq due to sanctions after the first U.S. Iraq War was over 1 million, but in more recent years, based on a more recent study, a lower estimate of around a half a million has emerged.

Often information about wars is revealed only much later when someone decides to speak out, when more secret information is revealed due to persistent efforts of a few, or after special congressional committees make reports

Both victorious and defeated nations may have their own reasons for underreporting the number of deaths. Further, in recent wars involving the United States it was not uncommon to hear statements like “we do not do body counts” and references to “collateral damage” as a euphemism for dead and wounded. Life is cheap for some, especially those who manipulate people on the battlefield as if it were a chessboard.

To say that it is difficult to get exact figures is not to say that we should not try. Effort was needed to arrive at the figures of 6six million Jews killed during WWI, but knowledge of that number now is widespread and it has fueled the determination to prevent future holocausts. That struggle continues.